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Personalise maths practice for children of all abilities.

Accelerated Maths engages children with maths practice and frees teachers up to focus on planning and instruction.

Accelerated Maths is simple, the teacher explains a new skill in class, the children log into AM to practice this new skill with unique assignments, once finished they will get immediate feedback. This encourages them to become more involved in their learning.
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Graphic showing the instruction, practice, test, review cycle with Accelerated Maths

Practice → Test → Review

Every assignment in AM helps children to practice the right skills at the appropriate time and pace,  leading them towards mastery of the concepts they have been learning.

On each assignment plan the teacher selects what skills are going to be explained. The programme generates practice assignments for each skill, at a level appropriate for every child. Once they have practised skills sufficiently, children take tests to assess their level of mastery of the objective. Once children have mastered objectives, they are reviewed to ensure that they have consolidated their knowledge of those skills.

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Types of AM assignment

Practice Assignment Provide regular practice on previously or recently taught skills, which children can work on independently or with light guidance. Often used daily as part of maths lessons.
Regular Test Review the skills children have practised successfully, leading to mastery of those objectives.
Exercise Provide additional practice on specific objectives set by the teacher for individuals, groups or whole classes. Often used as homework or follow-up work.
Diagnostic Test Gauge prior knowledge and identify gaps in skills.

Immediate detailed feedback

AM gives teachers the information they need to monitor children’s performance and progress in order to plan where to focus their teaching efforts and promote maths success every day.

AM provides a comprehensive set of reports that give a detailed picture of every child’s understanding of the skills they need to acquire. Because reports can be produced immediately, feedback is available when it is most useful for guiding learning. Children and teachers can see at a glance which questions were answered incorrectly and which objectives children are struggling with.

Reports can be generated for individuals, groups or whole classes in order to inform planning and to alert teachers to skills that need further attention. Conversely, this feedback prevents children from continuing to practise skills they have already mastered, stretching them towards new concepts.

Maths Dashboard

The Maths Dashboard provides a 360 degree view on children’s performance at a glance. It allows educators to see how well children are performing at class, group and individual level. It brings together data from the Accelerated Maths and the STAR Maths assessment to allow teachers to diagnose problems and inform intervention programmes.


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Involve parents with maths

Children and parents get instant feedback to help motivate success.

Using Renaissance Home Connect, parents can view their children’s progress from home. The programme reveals the overall progress children are making with maths and also identifies the objectives children have been working on most recently, providing a valuable link between home and school.

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Accelerated Reader Classroom

Motivate children of every ability

Because practice assignments are personalised, low-performing children are never left behind by the programme while high-performers can move on to work that will extend their knowledge.

With AM, children look forward to their daily maths practice. The programme builds confidence through the regular use of practice assignments and allows teachers to build on the successes of children’s mastery of concepts in order to motivate further progress.

Implementation and professional services

A comprehensive programme of remote and on-site training accompanies the implementation of Accelerated Maths, with additional professional development packages available on request.

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