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Photo of a boy taking an assessment with Accelerated Maths on an iPad

Personalise practice with Accelerated Maths

Accelerated Maths (AM) helps teachers to personalise maths practice, differentiate instruction, monitor progress, and make informed decisions to guide each student to success.

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Make maths more fun to teach and learn. With AM, students look forward to their daily maths practice.

Personalise instruction for every student. AM creates individualised practice assignments at each student’s level, keeping them motivated and challenged.

Maximise the effectiveness of your maths curriculum. AM supports existing instructional materials and textbooks while making the practice component of your curriculum more effective.

Spend more time teaching. With AM, personalised assignment creation, marking and reporting are done with ease, allowing far more time for instruction and practice.

Get immediate results. Teachers can interpret data immediately to inform and guide instruction.

The students love it! They are seeing success and improvement on a daily basis that has really enhanced their self-esteem. This, for me, has been the greatest success story of the project.

Aelred Whelan
Head Teacher, Sacred Heart RC Primary School