Accelerated Reader success stories

“Our aim was to raise literacy standards, which we feel we have achieved through the use of Accelerated Reader”

“There are fewer issues with poor behaviour as the students are able to access reading material which is tailored to their individual learning needs.”

“Our emphasis in AR lessons is on achievable success, so small gains are always rewarded. We are seeing that the positive engagement with reading and the library that is developed in Year 7 is being carried forward by these students”

Vanessa Glister and Sue Moody,
The Mountbatten School, Hampshire

“The majority of students have become actively engaged in reading.”

“There is a ‘quiz buzz’ before and after school, during break and lunch time: students are excited to take quizzes on the books they have read. The students love the fact that AR combines reading with a computer based quiz and particularly enjoy the instant feedback they receive.”

Beverley Davies
Harris Academy Beckenham

“Improvement has been outstanding across all the Accelerated Reader groups.”

“Not only have students’ reading ages increased, their understanding of the text has increased in depth. They are now reading with emotion, recognising punctuation, and understanding how punctuation affects the meaning of the text. This has an impact on every subject taught in school.”

Tina Gray
Darlington School of Mathematics and Science

“AR has created a new excitement for reading. Both staff and students appreciate the increased freedom they now have over their reading. Students across the school now have an increased love of reading.”

“The data collected from quizzing with AR has been extremely useful in the teachers’ tracking of reading. We are now able to clearly see whether students comprehend the books they are reading, meaning we are able to push students onto the next level when they are ready. The programme also makes it very clear which students need support with their reading.”

Samuel Walker and Ann Kardas
British Embassy School, Ankara

“The programme has made a huge impact with more students reading more books.”

“Students are clearly reading for pleasure as the AR engagement time has gone up hugely. There is a real buzz around books and reading; a lot more discussion from students about books and reading has become the norm.”

“The students enjoy reading and quizzing, and the competition of getting a good score.”

Corinne Sherry
The Malling School, Kent

“The other subject teachers are now benefiting from the reading culture and they are able to spend less time making work in simple language for the students as they can now read to a higher level and are more able to access the curriculum.”

“I use the reports within AR to monitor students’ progress. I print the Diagnostic Reports for every library lesson and I highlight the codes for the teachers, which helps to identify students who are struggling and allow teachers to direct their time appropriately.”

Gillian Charlton
Saint George’s Church of England School, Kent

“A complete transformation has occurred since implementing AR, and our students are embracing the power of reading.”

“Many students have seen a rapid increase in their levels across a number of subjects. Our EAL learners, who are at the earliest stages of English, do particularly well with the programme.”

Gary Back
Friern Barnet School, North London

“We have had phenomenal success in terms of improved reading ages as well as a much improved attitude to reading and learning.”

“Many of our students have become confident readers. Students who used to be reluctant readers now have the confidence to recommend books to each other. Completing a book of their own choosing and then achieving success in the quiz is proving to be a real motivator for some of the more reluctant readers.”

Lisa Brydon
King James’s School, Knaresborough, North Yorkshire

Chart of circulation figures

Library circulation figures have risen four-fold since AR was introduced

“The children have seen an improvement in their own comprehension skills and are delighted with their progress and success in the quizzes.”

“The reports contained within AR are proving very useful and show the teachers how the children are progressing. The software is easily accessible and intuitive to use. The Renaissance Place Dashboard is easy to use and access, making retrieving reports simple.”

Amanda Love
Kingsnorth Church of England Primary School, Kent

“At the end of last year we calculated each year group made an average rise of just less than two years in their reading age, equating to a net gain of almost a year’s growth.”

“I see the benefits in their writing, too: our current Primary 7 write better than any other class I have ever taught, not surprising since most have read over 120 novels in the last two years.”

Leo McCloskey
Vice Principal, Termoncanice Primary School, Limavady, NI

Chart of reading stages at Termoncanice Primary School Primary 3

Chart showing the percentage of students in STAR Early Literacy categories in February and April for Primary 3

“We have successfully raised the profile of reading and made students feel more confident about being seen to enjoy reading.”

“Since introducing AR our circulation figures have increased dramatically, with loans going up three fold in the first term. In addition to the increase in circulation figures, we have observed greater numbers of students visiting the library at lunch and break to exchange their books and sit and chat to their friends about books.”

Amber Sexton,
Head Librarian, Sir Herbert Leon Academy, Milton Keynes

“Since we introduced the AR programme to KS3 our students have shown a much more positive attitude to reading then we were seeing before.”

“The greatest success of AR has been getting our students to read for pleasure. The enjoyment of their reading, along with enabling them to engage more fully with their books, has helped to create a culture of reading in their life that will last for years to come.”

Cathryn Chappell
Higher Learning Teaching Assistant, Dover Christ Church Academy, Kent

Chart showing library borrowing figures at Dover Christ Church Academy

Borrowing figures from the library have increased significantly since AR was introduced.

“Results show AR is definitely benefitting our students and helping to increase reading ages and comprehension.”

“Accelerated Reader has enabled us to promote, monitor and evaluate our reading levels and work within school. The students have become increasingly engaged with the programme. They read regularly and quiz consistently – particularly those currently reading our lower age range books. Results show AR is definitely benefitting our students and helping to increase reading ages and comprehension.”

Shirley Smith
Librarian, Bluecoat Academy, Nottingham

Graph showing library book loans at Bluecoat Academy

Library loans increased significantly after AR was introduced.

“There has been a clear improvement in raising achievement with underachievers since the launch of the programme.”

“Pupils are reading a greater quantity of books and a wider range of material. Pupils have improved their inferential skills, non-readers are now readers, and boys have become more motivated, responding to the competitive element. Pupils are also becoming a lot more confident and independent in relation to their application to learning in the classroom. Staff, parents and the board of governors are so thrilled with the success of the Accelerated Reader programme that we are now going to launch Accelerated Maths Live in our school next year.”

Colette Maguire
Principal, St Columba’s Primary School, Clady, Co. Tyrone

“During our recent OFSTED inspection the inspectors were hugely impressed with Accelerated Reader – not only in terms of the figures they were able to scrutinise, but also from speaking to the children who were enthused by AR.”

“I can say with confidence that AR has been instrumental in promoting Reading for Pleasure in college and promoting the LRC to the heart of the school. Allowing children to see the average number of minutes they are completing each day is a massive incentive, as is number of words read. I am constantly amazed at the wealth of useful features offered by AR.”

Julie Carss, Learning Resources Manager & Literacy Intervention Leader
All Saints Catholic College

“The instant feedback AR offers teachers and students alike…has proved an important factor in closing the attainment gap between students in receipt of additional funding such as the Pupil Premium, and their peers.”

“In 2010 our average daily loan rate was 12 books; now it’s 41. The library is very popular both during lessons and break times as well as before and after school.”

Anne-Marie Anderson
Senior Leader: English, The Angmering School

Chart of book loans from the Angmering School case study

Average book loans: from 12 to 41 in three years

“Accelerated Reader is the best reading initiative I have witnessed in over 30 years of teaching.”

“In preparation for a recent school inspection we decided to utilise the wealth of data available to us on our Renaissance Place site. When it came to the inspection we were well placed to demonstrate our commitment to maintaining high literacy standards, which was reflected in the Inspector’s report.”

Tommy McDermott
Teacher & Literacy Coordinator, Holy Family Primary School

“Accelerated Reader makes student centred, personalised learning very easy, which is exactly what we were looking for at Wennington Hall.”

“I believe that AR has had a hugely positive impact on the boys’ academic performance – particularly in terms of both literacy and numeracy – which has also helped them in other areas of the curriculum. Vocabulary, spelling and comprehension have notably improved – as has the confidence that comes from encouraging the boys to read aloud in class and take part in open discussion. This has had the knock-on effect of improving behaviour and self-belief.”

Elaine Prendergast
Learning Support Manager, Wennington Hall School

“I have 29 years’ teaching experience and can definitely say Accelerated Reader has improved reading.”

Julie Dunbar
English Teacher, Holly Lodge Science College

“The introduction of STAR Reading and AR significantly improved overall standards of literacy.”

Janet Bowden
SENCO, Tudhoe Grange School

“We have all witnessed the genuine joy with which the students are now reading.”

Diane Bell
IT Teacher, Niddrie Mill Primary School

“I would recommend AR for students of all levels of reading ability as it has something to offer everyone.”

Tracey Hinkinson
Head Librarian, Perryfields High School

“Now that AR has become ingrained within the school’s culture we have confident readers who can choose books from within their recommended range.”

Audrey Morton
Librarian, Burrowmoor Primary School

“The ability to identify the literacy standards of specific groups of students is a godsend, particularly when Ofsted is looking so vigorously at attainment…”

Marina Lee
Librarian, Clacton County High School

“The biggest buzz is listening to the students recommending and talking about books to one another.”

Helga Hughes
Librarian, The Axe Valley Community College