KS2: Years 3 and 4 Non-fiction

By Kerry McGuire, Assistant Editor

Happy New Year from the Content team!

We are kicking off 2018 with the second non-fiction blog.
This time we wish to highlight a selection of recently-quizzed books relevant to Year 3 and 4 pupils, based on Key Stage 2 topics from the National Curriculum.

You can find these, along with all other books we have quizzed, on Bookfinder AR Bookfinder.
Remember, it’s just as important to request non-fiction texts as fiction for quizzing!
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Physical Science series by Abbie Dunne
Simple text and pictures explain the concepts of sound, magnetism, forces, light, electricity and matter.
Book Levels 1.9-2.5

What Animals Eat series by James Benefield
A look at the common features of herbivores, carnivores and omnivores.
Book Levels 2.8-3.2

Amazing Predators by John Townsend
This book introduces younger readers to the unique skills some predators use to frighten their prey.
Quiz # 222986. Book Level 4.0

Curious Nature series by Nancy Dickmann
In question and answer format, readers will learn all sorts of interesting facts about animals, the human body, planet Earth, biomes, plants and weather.
Book Levels 3.6- 3.8




The Stone Age by Jerome Martin
How did people make tools from stone? What did they eat and where did they live? Find the answers to lots of questions about the Stone Age.
Quiz # 232266. Book Level 4.0

Gross Facts About the Roman Empire by Mira Vonne
This book describes the disgusting details of daily life in the Roman Empire.
Quiz # 232559. Book Level 3.8

Ancient Greece series by Various authors
A Raintree series covering daily life, gods and goddesses, the first Olympics, and great leaders and thinkers of the period.
Book Levels 4.2-4.6

At Home With… series by Tim Cooke
This Wayland series uses a modern magazine style to introduce readers to ancient periods of history including the Greeks, Egyptians, Aztecs and Romans.
Book Levels 5.0- 5.3




Volcanoes by Stephanie Turnbull
This book describes volcanoes, explaining eruptions, lava rivers, ash clouds, and steaming springs.
Quiz # 231001. Book Level 4.3

Earthquakes and Tsunamis by Emily Bone
This book describes earthquakes, what they feel like, what tsunamis are, and why they happen.
Quiz # 232880. Book Level 4.6

The United Kingdom by Tim Atkinson
This illustrated discussion of the United Kingdom covers topics such as its landscape, climate, religion, beliefs, industry, trade, leisure, tourism, environment and wildlife.
Quiz # 222420. Book Level 7.1

Water in Our World series by Rebecca Olien
Readers will learn all about this important resource that covers more than 70 per cent of Earth. The water cycle is explained clearly and concisely, as well as ways to save water.
Book Levels 3.0 -3.5


Other books and series relevant to Years 3 and 4


Look at that Building! A First Book of Structures by Scot Ritchie
Some friends want to build a new kennel for Max, and set out to learn about how buildings are constructed, what makes them strong, and what keeps them standing.
Quiz # 231800. Book Level 3.7

From Start to Finish series by Various Authors
This series from Lerner Books describes the journey of food, starting at the farm or field, to how it ends up on our plate.
Book Levels 1.7-2.2

I Belong series by Katie Dicker
Younger readers will learn about the practices, festivals, observances, and communities that follow the Jewish, Christian and Muslim faiths.
Book Levels 3.7- 4.0

Traditions Around the World by Anita Ganeri
Learn about special traditions that people all over the world practise. Some involve holidays, food or clothing. Others involve habits such as greeting a new person.
Quiz # 232777. Book Level 4.8

Spotlight on the World Cup by Chris Oxlade
Learn interesting facts about the World Cup, including how the teams and the host country are selected.
Quiz # 233120. Book Level 4.6


Any particular topics children are interested in at the moment? What are pupils likely to be taking home to read over the February half term? Do let us know and keep in touch via our Facebook and Twitter pages @AccReader. Look forward to hearing from you!

Kerry McGuire
Assistant Editor

Posted on 17 January 2018 at 2:43 pm
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