Non-fiction AR quizzes are important too!

By Kerry McGuire, Assistant Editor

Welcome to the first curriculum based non-fiction blog!

I am sure that when you check your students’ Accelerated Reader quiz results, you notice that the number of fiction quizzes taken greatly outweighs the non-fiction. Here at Renaissance, we would like to address this imbalance. Quizzing non-fiction can be a fun way for students to revise what they have learned in class and to expand their knowledge on subjects of interest.

In the Content department, we consistently quiz non-fiction books, however, we prioritise books with a lot of customer requests. If you want something quizzed it is important that you let us know by requesting it. We want to reiterate that this absolutely includes non-fiction!

I used to work in a secondary school library and was in the habit of requesting mostly fiction. This is true of our customers too. We would love to see what publications you favour, so please spread the word and get requesting non-fiction!

Suggest a book to be quizzed

In the meantime, read on to see a selection of quizzed non-fiction books and series (including many newly-written quizzes!) The focus of this post is Key Stage 1 curriculum topics, featuring books of a Lower Years interest level.


Little Pebble series by Martha E.H. Rustad. A series examining the habits of health, fitness and hygiene. Book Level 1.0.

Can You Lick Your Own Elbow? And Other Questions About the Human Body by Paul Mason. This books takes a fun look at the human body by asking and answering a series of quirky yet thought-provoking questions. Quiz # 225585. Book Level 3.3.

Food Chains and Webs by Abbie Dunne. Simple text and photographs explain the concept of food chains and webs. Quiz # 231862. Book Level 2.2.

Working Scientifically series by Riley Flynn. These books introduce young readers to the practice of working scientifically. Book Levels 1.7-2.3.

Animal Rulers series by Various authors. Explore the behaviours and habitats of some of the most fascinating animals around the world. Book Levels 3.0-3.6.


Design & Technology

Which Foods are Healthy? by Paul Humphrey. Information about which foods are healthiest for us. Illustrated by Kareen Taylerson. Quiz # 223937. Book Level 3.3.

How Food Gets from Farms to Shop Shelves by Erika L. Shores. This book explains how food gets from farms to shops and describes the role of the community workers who make it all possible. Quiz # 230041. Book Level 2.2.

How Do Animals Give Us Food? by Linda Staniford. Discover how beef is produced, processed, and packed in its journey from farm to fork. Quiz # 230945. Book Level 2.7.

Grow a Pumpkin by Claire Llewellyn. Learn how to grow a pumpkin – and what to do with it when you have grown it! Quiz # 231527. Book Level 3.1.



Oceans series by Anne Ylvisaker. This series introduces the five oceans and provides fun activities to learn about water. Book Levels 3.3-3.5.

The Amazing Continent of Africa by Jay Dale. Africa is an amazing continent! It is a land full of many different places, people and animals. Come and explore Africa as you read this book. Quiz # 231331. Book Level 3.2.

Saving Water by Rebecca Olien. This title introduces readers to the importance of saving water. Quiz # 230512. Book Level 3.0.

What’s in the Soil? by Martha E.H. Rustad. Simple non-fiction text and full-cover photographs present animals and plants found in soil. Quiz # 229237. Book Level 1.1.

Storms by Alison Hawes. This book tells you about lots of different storms. Oxford Reading Tree Stage 5. Quiz # 231539. Book Level 2.2.



Toys by Monica Hughes. Children are introduced to toys in the past through looking at toys their parents and grandparents might have had. These are compared with toys today. Quiz # 218690. Book Level 3.8.

Aircraft by Alison Hawes. This book has lots of facts about aircraft in the past and aircraft today. Oxford Reading Tree Stage 5. Quiz # 231535. Book Level 2.4.

The Titanic by Anna Claybourne. In 1912, the largest passenger ship ever built set sail for America, but she never got there. Here, readers can find out what happened to the Titanic and her passengers. Quiz # 223973. Book Level 2.9.

The Great Fire of London by Susanna Davidson. Follow the drama of the Great Fire, learn about the people involved, and see how a spectacular city rose from the ashes. Quiz # 232264. Book Level 5.1.

Ballerina Dreams: From Orphan to Dancer by Michaela DePrince. This autobiography introduces Michaela DePrince, who lived the first few years of her life in war-torn Sierra Leone, was adopted by an American family, and is one of the principal dancers in New York City. Quiz # 232458. Book Level 4.1.

Amazing Women by Caryn Jenner. From world leaders to explorers to writers, artists, and performers, discover more than 40 women who changed the world. Quiz # 232437. Book Level 7.1.


Happy quizzing from the Content team! Suggestions for Key Stage 2 coming soon…

Please leave us any feedback or suggestions on Twitter @AccReader. We look forward to hearing from you!

Kerry McGuire
Assistant Editor

Posted on 2 October 2017 at 10:39 am
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