Summer Reading

By Kerry McGuire, Assistant Editor

We hope you are enjoying the break so far and getting through some of those books you’ve put aside for a sunny day!

Here are some books we in the Content team have enjoyed reading and quizzing over the past few weeks. We hope you and your students will enjoy these next term. Look out for our upcoming ‘Back to School’ blog in September for more Accelerated Reader updates from the Content team.


Mack and the Missing Cheese by Chae Strathie

“Mack and his trusty side-kick Squeak set off together to solve the case of the missing cheese. They interview their suspects and follow the pawprints, but can they catch the culprit? Mack is completely clueless as a detective, but that makes the book laugh-out-loud hilarious. There is even a twist at the end—one I couldn’t guess!  But really, who doesn’t love reading about cheese?”
-Krista, Assistant Editor

Scholastic | LY | BL 2.8 | Quiz # 233955


Kane: From the Playground to the Pitch by Matt Oldfield

“In one of the latest football instalments from Matt Oldfield, we learn about the career of our recent Golden Boot winner and Tottenham Hotspur striker, Harry Kane. Although he was turned away from Arsenal at the age of nine for being “too small”, Kane’s determination and hard work paid off and he made it as a world class Premier League player. The books from this series are always popular, and I’m sure pupils will love finding out more about England’s World Cup 2018 star, with plenty of fast-paced football action and interesting facts.”
-Lee, Content Assistant

Dino Books | MY | BL 5.0 | Quiz # 234007


Far From Home: The Sisters of Street Child by Berlie Doherty

“Based on the true stories of Victorian mill girls, this sequel to Berlie Doherty’s Street Child, captures the grimness of life in Victorian England.  It tells the tale of sisters Emily and Lizzie, left behind by their dying mother in London. Their story takes them out of the city to a cotton mill in the far north of England where, under the eagle eye of the mill owners, children are made to work long hours in harsh conditions.  Following the trials and tribulations of the sisters enables the reader to experience the harshness of life during the Industrial Revolution. This is not just historical fiction, however. It’s a gripping adventure story, filled with twists and turns that leave the reader wanting to know what comes next. Here’s hoping for a book three!”
– Cecelia, Managing Editor

HarperCollins | MY+ | BL 4.9 | Quiz # 232241


The Extinction Trials by S.M. Wilson

“In the first book in an exciting new three-part series, we meet Stormchaser and Lincoln. Both have their own reasons for joining a contest on the highly dangerous, but beautiful, island of Piloria. Piloria is home to dinosaurs, megaladons, and other terrible creatures, but those aren’t the only thing the competitors have to worry about – some of the other Trialists will do anything to win. This dystopian novel is packed with fun dinosaur action and is split into easy-to-read sections from different character POVs, and it left me hoping I would get to quiz the next book! Oh – and expect some gore!”
– Kerry, Editorial Assistant

Usborne | UY | BL 4.8 | Quiz # 234013

Kerry McGuire
Assistant Editor

Posted on 17 August 2018 at 4:50 pm
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