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May Quiz List released

At the beginning of every month, we release a list of new AR quizzes. May’s list is now available to view and download. There are many great titles now available for quizzing, but to whet your appetite for fresh quizzes we’ve picked out three top Middle Years series to focus on.

Malorie Blackman is the new Children’s Laureate

Congratulations to Malorie Blackman, who has been announced as the new Children’s Laureate. She will hold the title for two years, during which time she says she will be hoping to see “more children reading more”. The position is appointed partly in recognition of a lifetime’s contribution to children’s literature. Malorie has written books for children of […]

Celebrate Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s birthday with some detective stories

A collection of Sherlock Holmes book covers, from Rare Autumn. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s was born on this day in 1859. To celebrate his birthday, we’ve collected together some titles inspired by his famous creation, Sherlock Holmes.

New Hi/Lo series Steve Sharp available

“Steve was a cop. Now he works for himself. He is a hard man.” The character profile at the start of Ransom’s Steve Sharp books sets up the series well. Steve Sharp was kicked off the force and now works as a self-employed investigator. The series follows Steve’s efforts to track down missing teenager Jo […]

Emerald Star quiz available

We’re pleased to announce that a quiz is now available for Jacqueline Wilson’s Emerald Star. In the final book in the Hetty Feather trilogy, Hetty sets off in search for her father.  Along the way, she returns to her old home and is reunited with a childhood sweetheart.  Hetty, or Emerald as she decides to […]

Sink your teeth into Vampires Inc.

We’re pleased to announce that the fang-tastic new Vampires Inc. series from Rising Stars has now been quizzed. Usually these high-interest low-level books are a pain in the neck to quiz, but one of our expert quiz writers staked her reputation on the series and produced some of her best work. The series is set in the […]

April Quiz List released

April’s Monthly Quiz List is now available to view and download. The monthly Quiz List is our list of new quizzes for Accelerated Reader, including Reading Practice, Recorded Voice, Literacy Skills, and Accelerated Vocabulary quizzes. Each month, we will be picking out some highlights from the list. Here’s our selection of popular titles quizzed in […]

Top new quizzes last month

We release over 200 quizzes each month, prioritising those titles that have been requested the most by schools. In addition to the monthly list of new quizzes, we will be using the Quiz Blog to highlight some of the most popular recently-quizzed titles so you can see which books have been most popular with children. […]

New War Horse quizzes released

We’re pleased to announce that Michael Morpurgo’s War Horse now has both a Literacy Skills and a Vocabulary Practice quiz. We know that this popular title is used in the curriculum in many classrooms, so we’ve developed these specialist quizzes in addition to the regular RP quiz in order to help teachers to monitor students’ […]

Most popular World Book Day title revealed

It’s been a month since our quizzes went live for the special World Book Day 2013 books. But which is the most popular of this year’s books?

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