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Leading author GP Taylor cites AR as best scheme to turn children into readers

GP Taylor, the best-selling author of Shadowmancer, Wormwood and Tersias, has cited Accelerated Reader as the ‘best’ reading programme for students.

NLT research shows positive impact of AR on students’ reading habits

In the second report of its kind, independent research from the National Literacy Trust has shown that students who use Accelerated Reader have more positive attitudes towards reading than their peers.

Top tips for achieving Model and Master Class Certification… from teachers and librarians who have done so

By Lauren Shapiro, Senior Programme Manager

We are fast approaching an exciting time of year for many schools using AR, and in the Renaissance Learning office. Schools begin to meet eligibility for Renaissance Certification 12 weeks into the school year. But what is Certification and how can you achieve it for your classes?

Renaissance Learning MD interviewed in Peirene Press newspaper

The latest edition of the Peirene Press newspaper carries an interview with Dirk Foch, our Managing Director. The newspaper is an annual publication from Peirene Press featuring commentary on European literature and translation.

Developing high-quality reading practice quizzes for Accelerated Reader

By Cecelia Powell, Managing Editor

Accelerated Reader quizzes are fun, and students are motivated by seeing their success. But what makes a good quiz and how do we go about producing them?

Renaissance Learning takes delivery of two BookBenches

We are very pleased to have taken delivery of two BookBenches. Part of the Books about Town initiative, the benches had previously been on display in Central London locations at St Paul’s Cathedral and Greenwich Park. The National Literacy Trust (NLT) collaborated with Wild in Art to place 50 book-themed benches around London over the […]

New assessment criteria: What is Ofsted looking for?

By Richard Hubbard, Curriculum and Product Advisor

In his speech on the 15th January 2014, Sir Michael Wilshaw HMCI gave this insight for schools: Inspectors will … want to see how well schools are responding to changes to the national curriculum from September [2014]. Every headteacher should be asking themselves the sort of questions that we will be asking when we inspect […]

The Mountbatten School’s AR succsess features in QA Education magazine

With the help of Pupil Premium funding, The Mountbatten School has implemented Accelerated Reader. Its success has been published in QA Education magazine.

New assessment criteria: What are the DfE’s expectations?

By Richard Hubbard, Curriculum and Product Advisor

The removal of ‘levels’ from the curriculum should allow teachers greater flexibility in the way that they plan and assess pupils’ learning. The programmes of study within the new national curriculum set out expectations for the end of each key stage, and all maintained schools will be free to develop a curriculum relevant to their […]

New assessment criteria: Why are the requirements changing?

By Richard Hubbard, Curriculum and Product Advisor

The new national curriculum in England became statutory in September 2014. Few will be unaware at this stage that all existing national curriculum level descriptors have been removed and will not be replaced. They were seen to be too broad to be of real use to teachers and did not provide an accurate description of […]

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