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Teacher Assessments… do you trust your judgement?

By Margaret Allen, Strategic Education Manager

So that’s another school year over which means another year of teacher assessments are now making their way to the start of the next term, where our expert evaluations will play a crucial part in helping children make progress in their ongoing development.

Guest Post: Celebrating reading progress with Roald Dahl party

By Carol Groom, Assistant Librarian

Mayfield School in Portsmouth is a mixed all-through school for pupils from nursery age through to Year 11. They have approximately 1350 pupils on roll and use Renaissance Accelerated Reader with pupils in Year 7 and 8, as well as those needing extra reading support. Assistant Librarian, Carol Groom, tells us about their recent Accelerated Reader celebration party.

Guest Post: From little acorns… mighty readers grow

By Natasha Simpson, Deputy Head Teacher

“As any primary teacher will know, the transition from Year 2 to Year 3 is always a tricky one. Not only do we have to prepare teacher assessments by relying on our best judgement, the children are also suddenly faced with lots of new concepts and much higher expectations in terms of progress. Now, for maths and writing it’s very easy to objectively gauge where they are in their development. Reading is a completely different ball game.”

Guest Post: Incentivising reading with bookworms and golden tickets!

By Gillian Charlton, Librarian

St George’s CE School, based in Kent, have been using Renaissance Accelerated Reader to implement a range of creative reading celebrations. Gillian Charlton, Librarian, outlines the school’s approach.

Lazy Summer?

By Romy Short, Assessment Director

In the last few weeks of the academic year, the prospect of a relaxing summer break probably feels quite distant – with the need to analyse data, draw up reports and devise assessment plans. Renaissance however, is here to help…

Using granular data to drive progress and attainment

By Margaret Allen, Strategic Education Manager

Over the past few weeks I’ve been driving around the UK visiting schools who use Accelerated Reader and have been talking to them about how they are using data that’s derived from the Star tests… and as always, it’s got me thinking. Star reports are a bit like going on a car journey, and here’s why…

Essential Reading for Whole School Assessment…

By Margaret Allen, Strategic Education Manager

Having spent much of the last year visiting schools and spending time both in the classroom and with school leaders, a common theme began to emerge around the use of Star Assessments. While Star is widely used to support the Accelerated Reader programme, when I explained that it can actually play a much wider role […]

Guest Post: My teachers have more information than ever on learning and progress, and a lower workload

By Gary Alexander, Deputy Head Teacher

Following the abolition of National Curriculum Levels in 2014, Deputy Head Teacher Gary Alexander took the opportunity to innovate his school’s practice with Renaissance Star Assessments. In this post he details how he uses Star to assess reliably throughout the year and determine which students are on track to meet expectation.

Guest Post: A new lease of life in the school library

By V Dewhurst, Head of Library

Following their implementation of Renaissance Accelerated Reader, Queen Elizabeth Grammar School have seen huge improvements in library use and reading motivation, alongside increased opportunities for collaboration both within the school and across Lancashire.

Golden Oldies

By Margaret Allen, Strategic Education Manager

If you’ve read any of my recent blogs, you might have noticed that I believe picture books are vastly undervalued when it comes to the contribution they can make to supporting children’s reading development. So, as picture books appear to be a recurring theme as part of other blog topics, I thought it was about time I gave the ‘power of the picture’ book some dedicated ‘airtime’. With that in mind, I want to share with you ‘part one’ of my picture book series, where I’ve pulled together my top three list of ‘Golden Oldies’ along with some ideas as to how you could use them to support whole class reading.

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