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    Chris Job

    To help you guide students to books that are right for them, we provide three pieces of information about every book for which we have an AR quiz:

    Book level measures the readability of the text of a book or other reading material. By default, Accelerated Reader uses the ATOS Readability Formula for Books to determine the book level by using full-text computer scans of all the words in a book. ATOS does not analyse content, age appropriateness or literary merit.

    Interest Level relates to content and age appropriateness – not the difficulty or readability of the text. Books are assigned an Interest Level based on publisher recommendations.

    Accelerated Reader uses three interest levels:
    • LY: Indicates the content is most appropriate for students in the lower years (ages 5-8).
    • MY: Indicates the content is most appropriate for students in the middle years (ages 9-13).
    • MY+: Indicates the content is most appropriate for students ages 12 and above.
    • UY: Indicates the content is most appropriate for students in the upper years (ages 14 and above).

    The Interest Level reflects the judgment of the book’s publisher and the professionals at Renaissance Learning. However, the final decision on whether the content of a book is appropriate for a particular student is the responsibility of school librarians, teachers and parents.

    Within each interest level, you will find a wide range of book levels to support students who read at, above and below year level.

    Points are a measure of the amount of reading practice a student is getting. Every Reading Practice Quiz has a point value assigned to it based on the book level and the word count of the book (the book’s difficulty and length).

    The points that a student earns on a quiz are based on the total point value of the quiz and the score the student received on it. Points are one of the criteria used by the program for determining when students have achieved the different reader certification levels. You can see the points that a student has earned when you click the student’s name in the Reading Practice Quizzes Record Book and on some Reading Practice reports, such as the Diagnostics – Reading Practice Report and the Student Record Report. You can also set points targets when you set Reading Practice targets for students.

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