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    V Dewhurst

    What data do you pass over to your SMT/SLT – at the end of the year?
    And, what report do you save from AR before the new year begins?


    Helen Swinyard


    I am making a report now, but I will probably hand it over in Sept.

    My library report is separate to the AR one, but I would use data on particular library groups & interventions and how their reading ages have improved. I also submit data on students who have previously been in library-related groups, but now are not (e.g. they were once part of Carnegie shadowing) to show the long-term impact as well as the short-term. I add this to library data too such as book borrowed, and evaluation data from groups about enjoyment/engagement.

    I would love to be able to still access this year’s AR data next year as motivators – so thank you for the reminder to print things now! I will keep:-

    reading age improvement
    0 mins / lowest engaged time (to keep an eye on them next year especially)
    word count (including millionaires)

    What reports do you think are the most useful?


    Chris Job

    Hi Val and Helen,

    The two reports you will need to save before the end of your School Year is the Screening Report and the Progress Monitoring Report. These can both be found in STAR Reading > Screening, Progress Monitoring and Intervention.

    In regards to passing over data to your SLT, we have a SLT Guide and various Sample Reports for you to download on our website. You can find these here. You could also have a look at the Annual Progress Report and the Growth Report – You may find that the Summary Box is quite useful.

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    V Dewhurst

    Thank you for your replies – much appreciated


    V Dewhurst

    I feel the same Helen – at the end of term there just isn’t enough time to save and print reports …what with everything else involved in running a library too. I am on holiday now but trying to do bits and bats to help for the September/new term – but there is just so much to do.


    V Dewhurst

    Chris, I am having trouble saving these 2 end of year reports.
    Could I please ask if Renlearn could save them for me and then email to me? So sorry for asking but I leave for my holdays tomorrow and will not have internet access – or my laptop.. Struggled using my iPad to view reports.

    I just need both reports for all year 7, 8 and 9 ….before the date expires / end of school year.

    My email is vdewhurst@qegsblackburn.com
    School is (Queen Elizabeths Grammar) QEGS

    Thank you for this – and I really hope you are able to help me.



    Chris Job

    Hi Valerie,

    Just emailed you regarding these reports!

    – Chris

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