How to set up your Screening Dates

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    Chris Job

    STAR Reading has three default screening periods:

    Fall (September 1st – September 15th)
    Winter (January 1st – January 15th)
    Spring (May 1st – May 15th)

    You can edit these dates and add more Screening Periods, up to a maximum of ten. Your first Screening Period must be as close to the beginning of the School Year as possible so that you can address instructional needs quickly. Because you are measuring each Student’s achievement relative to that of other students, administer STAR Reading to everyone within a fairly short time period. The software allows you to define a 30-day screening period, but two weeks or less is recommended.

    When you select the STAR Screening Report, you can only pull data from within the Screening Periods that you have entered, therefore it is important that you STAR Test students within these dates.

    To add or edit your Screening Dates, click on the STAR Reading tile on your Home Page. Select Screening, Progress Monitoring and Intervention from the menu. On the left side menu, click on View Screening Dates. You can edit the default dates or click Add Screening Dates. Once you have finished editing, click Save.

    The following restrictions apply to editing and creating screening dates:

    • Screening dates cannot overlap.
    • Screening dates cannot range over more than 30 calendar days. It is best if the range falls within a single calendar month.
    • The names of screening dates cannot exceed 35 characters.

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