Students scoring 100% on book quiz

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    Mandi Sissons


    We are at the time of the year where we really push our students to get 100% on quizzes by offering weekly prizes and running a prize draw for the end of term.
    We rely on students letting us know when they have got 100% and once a week I do a quick check of the record, books & targets to collect names.

    The system isn’t foolproof as students often forget to mention if they have scored 100 and the record, books & targets only gives result of last quiz taken (it would take forever to go through each individual students record)

    Would there be any possibility of something being created on the system to check all scoring 100%? If it could be somehow tailored so that it shows only those students gaining 100% while quizzing within their ZPD range that would be even better.


    Lee Gardner

    This would be brilliant. Every week I search through the student record and then check against the reading range – it takes ages. It would make rewarding the 100% quizzes much easier.


    Chris Job

    Hi Mandi & Lee,

    The easiest way to do this would be to export the AR information into an Excel Spreadsheet. You can then sort through your data quickly to find which students are achieving 100% on quizzes.

    To do this, go to Users > Export Information > Select Class, Year or Teacher > Export > Tick Accelerated Reader-RP Detail > Next > You can then enter the dates you would like to export quiz information from and to (for example, you could do this weekly) > Next > Download

    You will then have all of the student quizzing information in a Spreadsheet. You will then need to filter/sort through the information you need.

    If you need any further support with this, please call our Customer Support Team on 0207 184 4000 or log on to Live Chat and we will be happy to assist!


    Mandi Sissons

    Thank you Chris, that helps a lot

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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