Unexpected school closures may occur, but they don’t have to impact student learning.
Renaissance is committed to supporting teachers and parents to help keep students reading worldwide. We’ve provided step-by-step guides on how to access Accelerated Reader and myON from home, and ensure every child can continue their reading journey.
Students need only a device and access to WiFi to read books or complete assignments in or out of school.

To keep the world reading during unprecedented global school closures, we are offering schools free monthly access to up to 13,000 ebooks with myON, to allow your students to read from home. Contact us to discuss more.

Powered by News-o-Matic, myON News provides 5 age-appropriate and psychologist reviewed news articles, every weekday, helping your pupils to make sense of current events.

Contact us below to receive a free consultation and demonstration of our products: