Renaissance and Multi-Academy Trusts

“Star Assessment’s use of standardised scoring is essentially providing an external benchmark comparison to validate teacher judgments. This adds consistency and helps us to identify anomalies. As a trust, Star data provides us with a quick picture across schools, cohorts and subjects which allows us to ask the right questions.”

Kath Sewell, Head Teacher and Assessment Lead, Learning in Harmony Trust

Renaissance Star Assessments for reading, maths and early learning give you actionable data about how the students and schools within your Trust are progressing, as well as their forecasted growth, to help inform your planning and teaching. Star Reading and Star Maths also feature Learning Progressions that have been built for the curriculum by experts at the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER).

Renaissance Accelerated Reader and Renaissance Accelerated Maths are powerful tools for monitoring and managing personalised, independent reading and maths practice. Accelerated Reader helps motivate all students across your schools to read for pleasure, whilst Accelerated Maths helps each one of your students to acquire fundamental curriculum-lined skills in a way that meets their unique needs and requirements.

Detailed reporting

Regular screening provides consistency and helps you track the performance and progress students with particular characteristics are making in relation to their peers in school and across the Trust.
MAT Dashboards

Specially built MAT Dashboards, such as the Renaissance Questa Dashboard combine and contextualise data from Star Assessments and Accelerated Reader.

Assessment Partner of the Confederation of School Trusts

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Renaissance Questa Dashboard

Professional Development Packages

Our Projects Team have developed the following packages exclusively for MATs, ranging from free standard support to fully bespoke offerings.

Tailored support for Primary and Secondary schools.

  • Using Star Assessments to predict SATs results
  • Year 6 – 7 transition and the transfer of data between schools
  • Year 7 catch-up
  • Building cross-curricular links with teacher-made quizzes, AR Bookfinder, suggested skills, ATOS analysis of exam papers and myON
  • Specific training on Building Stamina, Improving Comprehension and Growth Analysis

MAT guide to Star and AR

Research-proven best practices

Renaissance products are some of the most-heavily researched in the world.

Here are some key reports that you might find useful:

Professional Development Packages

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