Engage students in reading anytime, anywhere
and support your library with digital books
from as little as 55p each per year!*

myON by Renaissance is a student-centred, personalised literacy platform that offers every student unlimited access to an enhanced digital library. Combined with a suite of literacy tools and embedded supports to encourage reading engagement and achievement, it’s an incredible standalone product as well as working in harmony with Renaissance Star Reading and Renaissance Accelerated Reader.
  • Authentic texts

    Access up to 5,600 enhanced digital books with audio support – including new Primary & Secondary packs from Badger Learning

  • Unlimited access

    Available 24/7 online and offline & free companion mobile apps available for iPad, Android tablets, Chromebooks & Kindle Fire HD

  • Personalised learning

    Ability to match students with the right book at the right reading level, based on their interests

  • Homework features

    Close reading tools including a built-in dictionary, highlighter, sticky notes, literacy emojis, graphic organisers, projects and much more

  • Linked to the curriculum

    Teachers can assign books related to individual standards in both the English national curriculum and the Scottish national curriculum

Star Reading, myON and Accelerated Reader logos

Whole class reading with myON by Renaissance

“myON was only launched 48 hours ago and already we can see the impact – particularly on our boys and disadvantaged pupils. In just two days, my class alone have read over 320 books and spent upwards of 47 hours of reading combined! myON is taking our journey to the next level!”

Chelsea Sandbrook, Assistant Headteacher, Manor Leas Junior Academy

Build literacy skills with embedded supports

Incorporate myON into a complete literacy curriculum with reading supports, close reading and writing tools, and a ‘projects’ tool to create assignments for individuals, groups or an entire class.
Screen showing reading supports

Reading supports

  • Scaffolds for early, emergent and transitional readers
  • Professionally recorded audio
  • A dictionary to build vocabulary in context

Close reading tools

  • Highlighter, shapes, drawing tool
  • Journal, notebook and sticky notes
  • Citation creator
Screen showing close reading tools
Screen showing writing tools

Writing tools

  • 12 graphic organisers
  • Essay writer, checklist and peer review features

myON Projects

  • Create and assign individual, group or whole class projects
  • Build your own projects or access projects shared by other teachers
Screen showing myon projects

renaissance myon news logo

Authentic reporting on timely topics and current events

Renaissance myON News, powered by News-o-Matic, delivers age-appropriate digital news articles for students, reporting on timely topics and current events. Articles incorporate engaging multimedia – video, slideshows and photo galleries – to help students better understand the news. Subjects cover everything from space science and endangered species to football and fashion, engaging even the most reluctant reader.

Five daily news articles, written by professional journalists and reviewed by a child psychologist for age-appropriateness, are delivered 52 weeks a year.

  • Maps show where news events are occurring relative to the reader.
  • Audio support is available.
  • Other fun and interactive tools to enrich and interact with the reading experience.

*Price based on British-English core package and US-English additional package. Minimum purchases apply. Price only applies to schools within the UK & Ireland

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