Autumn Reads

By Kerry McGuire, Assistant Editor

The evenings are starting to draw in, the leaves are getting crunchier and conkers are falling from the trees. Autumn is nearly upon us!
Whether you’re a librarian looking for some inspiration for a leafy book display, or just want to get into the spirit with some seasonal books, look no further than the quiz writers’ recommendations of autumnal reads!

Lower Years







Raffi wakes up on the first day of autumn and notices something odd. Leaves are falling from Old Father Oak, the tree he was born in. Soon Raffi and his friends try to cheer up the old tree, thinking he is sad. This is an adorable picture book to read to a class at the start of the season; the children can learn alongside Raffi what happens during the autumn months. Perhaps they could even collect some fallen leaves in the playground after the story, like Raffi.


This short nonfiction book for beginner readers has cute pictures and accessible language in short sentences. Take this with you on an autumn woodland walk and while you’re stepping on the crunchy leaves, see how many of the animals your children or pupils can spot.


Middle Years







Redwall is one of those series responsible for converting reluctant readers into bookworms. And what’s not to love? There’s a heroic mouse with a sword in a Medieval setting fighting bad guys. Though an older book, originally published in the 80s, the story is timeless and perfect for readers looking for something to snuggle up with of an evening. The descriptions of woodland settings will come to life as summer turns to winter around us.

This longer nonfiction text looks at different elements of autumn in more detail and explains the scientific reasons behind the leaves changing colour and why some animals go into hibernation or migrate. The facts are broken up with two autumn stories, and there are even some good suggestions for creative seasonal activities that children could try out in the classroom on a rainy autumn lunchtime!


Upper Years







There are few books cosier than ones starring Anne Shirley. She’s feisty and imaginative, but still has vulnerability that will resonate with modern young readers. The story of the little farm in Nova Scotia brings wonderful images of golden sunshine and colourful leaves. The perfect story for autumn. Like Anne says, “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”

In the month of October, the family in this book have so many accidents they seem to be cursed.  A lot goes on in this story and readers who enjoy very visual writing will be intrigued by the mixture of fantasy and realism. As well as dealing openly with some heavy issues, The Accident Season has plot twists and turns, and the spooky paranormal elements make this one perfect for autumn readers who just can’t wait for Halloween!


Let us know what your students are reading or show us your autumn displays over on Twitter @AccReader
You can find these books and all AR quizzed books on ARBookfind and don’t forget, we always like to receive your suggestions for quizzing!

Kerry McGuire
Assistant Editor

Posted on 21 September 2018 at 10:40 am
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