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A study of over 850,000 UK primary and secondary school children sheds further light on the literacy gap between boys and girls. It shows that boys read less thoroughly than girls, leading to poorer literacy outcomes by the time they leave school.

The story featured on page 3 of The Observer on Sunday, 23rd October and online in:

The articles are based on newly-published research by Professor Keith Topping on Theoretical and Empirical Indicators of Implementation Integrity in Book Reading, which sought to answer the following questions:

      1. Do schools in which Renaissance Accelerated Reader is implemented well show higher gain on the Renaissance Star Reading test than schools in which it is not implemented well?
      2. Does a theoretical model or an empirical model of the relationship between implementation integrity and outcomes show the strongest influence on outcomes?

Achievement was indicated by key pre-post measures on Renaissance Star Reading, a computerised item-banked adaptive test of reading accuracy and comprehension. Implementation fidelity was indicated by key variables from the computerised Renaissance Accelerated Reader software, which measures understanding of a real book the student has chosen by a quiz.

In theoretical terms, high implementation integrity is specified by high Average Percent Correct on the quizzes and high Amount of Time Devoted to Silent Reading (also known as Engaged Reading Time). In empirical terms, a number of AR variables were investigated, and the most productive found to be Average Percent Correct and Average Book Level minus Mid Grade/Year Placement (the latter was a derived variable intended to indicate the degree of challenge in the books each student was reading in relation to their chronological age).

Results: Overall, the research found a clear, positive relationship between Best Practice use of Renaissance Accelerated Reader (AR) and Student Growth Percentile (SGP) performance.

AR Implementation Categories

Renaissance recommends that AR is implemented with Average Percent Correct above 85% for each student and with an average of 15-30 minutes of time devoted to silent reading within the class each school day.

Click here to download a free copy of the report, along with the data tables showing the regional variations.

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