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This year, Teach First is partnering with Renaissance to reduce the workload for its participants (trainees) in schools by making use of data gathered through Star Assessments.

As part of its training programme, Teach First gathers data on student progress from its participants (trainees) both to help them with understanding assessment and reflecting upon their practice, and to ensure its training programme is always delivering good outcomes for pupils. Usually Teach First gathers this data through its own tool (called the Pupil Progress Tracker), however this often results in participants entering data in two places (the school’s own system and Teach First’s tool).

To better align with school processes, Teach First would like to offer that where a participant is using Star Assessments they need not enter data into the Pupil Progress Tracker. However, to do this, Teach First must gain permission from schools to allow Renaissance to share participants’ Star Assessment data with Teach First. This is data Teach First would already gather through the Pupil Progress Tracker, but by allowing the sharing of Star Assessment data, participants will no longer need to complete this additional step. Teach First will only ever receive anonymised pupil data for classes taught by Teach First participants and not for any other classes in the school. Teach First also will solely use this information for the purposes for which it already uses Pupil Progress Data, namely the continuous improvement of its training programme.

The agreement schools need to sign to enable this process to work should already have been sent to the Teach First point of contact in your school early in the Autumn term, along with an explanation of what the agreement entails. If you believe you have not received this and would like Teach First to resend this agreement, or have any questions regarding this work,  please email your Teach First point of contact copying in Pupil.Impact@teachfirst.org.uk.

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