WKAR Quiz Writers’ Award nominees for 2018!

By Krista Culbertson, Editor

Each year, the What Kids Are Reading report shows us the book-reading habits of students across the United Kingdom. We can see which books are most popular in every year group, and which are the most highly rated by students.

Sometimes, though, the most exciting new books don’t reach the top of the list in a competitive world of Harry Potters and Wimpy Kids.

We introduced the Quiz Writers’ Choice Award two years ago to highlight the books that our editors and quiz writers thought stood out. Each of the nominated books have been quizzed for Accelerated Reader in the past year.

This year, there are more nominees than ever before! So many, in fact, we’ve divided them into two categories: Primary and Secondary School books.

All of the nominees are favourites this year. So our quiz writers and editors shared a few words on the ones they liked best.

The two winners will be announced at our What Kids Are Reading event on February 22nd.

Primary School Jewels

In our Primary School category, some fantastic lower-level picture books and thrilling middle years stories have been nominated.

Our Senior Editor Sarah nominated Dave’s Cave by Frann Preston-Gannon, a story that follows caveman Dave as he looks for a new home.

She says that it is a humorous tale for both children and adults. “Sarah like Dave. Dave’s Cave good. Nice fun book.”

The Cow Who Fell to Earth by Nadia Shireen also amused our quiz writers and editors. When a little cow from space lands on earth, she needs all the help she can get to return home. The quiz writer loved the illustrations of the sheep best, but laughed throughout the entire book.

One book that charmed our quiz writers was Moonlocket by Peter Bunzl. In the sequel to the popular Cogheart, Lily and Robert continue their adventures with their mechanical fox as they search for the Moonlocket and Robert’s missing mother.

Secondary School Stand-outs

A number of hard-hitting and powerful novels were quizzed this year for older readers. Some books returned to familiar worlds like Philip Pullman’s La Belle Sauvage and the return of Skulduggery Pleasant in Derek Landy’s Resurrection. Other nominees tackled difficult topics like the refugee crisis and domestic abuse.

Irish author Deirdre Sullivan’s novel Needlework was nominated for the Secondary School award. The quiz writer of Needlework warns that it is “not for the faint hearted” as the book contains scenes of abuse, self-harm and incest. But the book had a protagonist, who the quiz writer says has stayed with her long after she finished reading the book.

I Have No Secrets by Penny Joelson is sure to grab the attention of any reader looking for a unique tale, just like it did our quiz writer’s.

The story follows Jemma, who has severe cerebral palsy that leaves her unable to move or speak. When a killer admits their crime to Jemma, she has no way to tell anyone. A new form of communication allows her to speak, putting her in danger.

“The story allows readers to hear a voice that they are unlikely to have heard before,” said our Editorial Assistant Kerry. “It also addresses those who might assume that people with physical disabilities are less intelligent than others.”

The book also deals with important themes like adoption, disability and violence all the while being a pacey thriller. With those combined elements Kerry deemed this one, “a brilliant read.”

The official What Kids Are Reading report will be released on February 22nd. Pre-registration is now available. You can download the full 2018 report at http://whatkidsarereading.co.uk/.

Below are the full list of nominees! Be sure to tell us who your favourites are by tweeting us at @AccReader.

Primary School Nominees

Dave’s Cave by Frann Preston-Gannon
Nosy Crow | BL 1 | LY | Quiz no. 232630

Pigeon P.I. by Meg McLaren
Andersen Press | BL 2.3 | LY | Quiz no. 231648

The Cow Who Fell to Earth by Nadia Shireen
Johnathan Cape | BL 2.4 | LY | Quiz no. 232835

The Doughnut of Doom by Elys Dolan
Nosy Crow | BL 2.8 | LY | Quiz no. 230991

Little Bits of Sky by S. E. Durrant
Nosy Crow | BL 4.7 | MY | Quiz no. 231808

Moonlocket by Peter Bunzl
Usborne | BL 5.6 | MY | Quiz no. 232112

Running on the Roof of the World by Jess Butterworth
Orion Children’s Books | BL 4.1 | MY | Quiz no. 232833

Secondary School Nominees

Fly Me Home by Polly Ho-Yen
Corgi Books | BL 4.7 | MY+ | Quiz no. 232572

I Have No Secrets by Penny Joelson
Electric Monkey | BL 4.1 | MY+ | Quiz no. 233185

Resurrection by Derek Landy
HarperCollins Children’s Books | BL 4.7 | MY+ | Quiz no. 232279

Welcome to Nowhere by Elizabeth Laird
Macmillan Children’s Books | BL 4.6 | MY+ | Quiz no. 231480

How Not to Disappear by Claire Furness
Simon & Schuster | BL 4.6 | UY | Quiz no. 231166

Ink by Alice Broadway
Scholastic Children’s Books | BL 5.4 | UY | Quiz no. 232111

Needlework by Deirdre Sullivan
Little Island | BL 4.9 | UY | Quiz no. 232399

Paper Butterflies by Lisa Heathfield
Electric Monkey | BL 3.6 | UY | Quiz no. 231666

Straight Outta Crongton by Alex Wheatle
ATOM | BL 4.1 | UY | Quiz no. 232236

Release by Patrick Ness
Walker Books | BL 5 | UY | Quiz no. 233063

The Book of Dust: La Belle Sauvage by Philip Pullman
David Fickling | BL 5.4 | UY | Quiz no. 232985

The Orange Grove by Larry Tremblay
Peirene Press | BL 4.4 | UY | Quiz no. 232299

Krista Culbertson

Posted on 21 February 2018 at 2:34 pm
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