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Photo of Accelerated Reader 100% tree wall display

AR 100% Tree wall display

Reward your students for getting 100% in an Accelerated Reader quiz with this unique wall display. Simply write the student’s name on one of the wipe-clean leaves and add it to the tree. Or, better still, create a bit of ceremony by inviting the student to write her name on the leaf and add it to the tree. Each leaf provides a precious visual reward. The 100% Tree Wall Display is made from foamex board. The tree is steel-backed. 15 dry-wipe leaves are included which stick to the tree magnetically.

Photo of Accelerated Reader word count word display from Accelerated Reader

AR Word Count wall display

Do you need an eye-catching display to show your students’ progress? Simply write a pupil’s name, a class name or house name on a wipe-clean car and move it along the track accordingly. The scale can be written in the signposts. Children will quickly see how well they’re progressing. Our Word Count Wall Display is made from foamex board with a steel-backed road. The board has a dry-wipe laminate and is supplied with 4 magnetic cars.

Photo of Accelerated Reader millionaires wall display from Peters Books & Furniture

AR Millionaires wall display

Have any of your pupils read a million words? Welcome them into the club by writing their names in the wipe-clean squares or by affixing their pictures. Our Millionaires Club Wall Display is made from foamex board with a dry-wipe laminate so that the board can be used time after time.

AR Book Labels

Photo of AR Book Labels

Organise your library with these book labels. Labels come in packs of 1,001.


Photo of Accelerated Reader bear

Motivate your students to success with Accelerated Reader incentives.

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