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Reading as a precursor to Assessment

We wouldn’t ask a child to run before they can walk… so why would we ask them to sit an assessment if they don’t have the reading skills to be able to decode what is being asked of them?
Well, in primary schools we wouldn’t dream of this. But when reading is one of the hardest skills to assess objectively, how do we truly know what level of reading comprehension a child possesses?

Guest Post: From little acorns… mighty readers grow

By Natasha Simpson, Deputy Head Teacher

“As any primary teacher will know, the transition from Year 2 to Year 3 is always a tricky one. Not only do we have to prepare teacher assessments by relying on our best judgement, the children are also suddenly faced with lots of new concepts and much higher expectations in terms of progress. Now, for maths and writing it’s very easy to objectively gauge where they are in their development. Reading is a completely different ball game.”

Guest Post: Incentivising reading with bookworms and golden tickets!

By Gillian Charlton, Librarian

St George’s CE School, based in Kent, have been using Renaissance Accelerated Reader to implement a range of creative reading celebrations. Gillian Charlton, Librarian, outlines the school’s approach.

We’ve now quizzed 30,000 books on Accelerated Reader!

We are always growing the number of quizzes available to customers on an ever-expanding variety of titles. These 30,000 books quizzed for Renaissance Accelerated Reader™ cover both fiction and non-fiction titles in each of our four interest levels (Lower Years, Middle Years, Middle Years+ and Upper Years). They range from the early picture books such as Fusspot Bill to classics like War and Peace, which is still the longest book on AR.

Golden Oldies

If you’ve read any of my recent blogs, you might have noticed that I believe picture books are vastly undervalued when it comes to the contribution they can make to supporting children’s reading development. So, as picture books appear to be a recurring theme as part of other blog topics, I thought it was about time I gave the ‘power of the picture’ book some dedicated ‘airtime’. With that in mind, I want to share with you ‘part one’ of my picture book series, where I’ve pulled together my top three list of ‘Golden Oldies’ along with some ideas as to how you could use them to support whole class reading.

Creating cross-curricular literacy links using Renaissance Accelerated Reader

During my time at Renaissance, I’ve been fortunate to work very closely with the schools on our Renaissance School Partnership Programme. During my visits to these schools, similar questions and concerns emerged; Literacy Coordinators, who were responsible for Renaissance Accelerated Reader, wanted to find ways to embed its success across the curriculum.

Guest Post: Books and Boots at Millisle Primary School

By Ian McManus, Vice Principal

Millisle Primary School in Northern Ireland have introduced a new literacy scheme, monitoring reading achievement using Accelerated Reader and rewarding children with football coaching sessions from local team captain Jamie Linfield.

What Kids Are Reading Awards 2017

At 3pm yesterday, whilst Doris was wreaking havoc across the UK scores of teachers, librarians, authors, publishers and a good helping of Renaissance staff were raising the roof at Sadler’s Wells for the launch of the 9th annual What Kids Are Reading report and 3rd annual awards.

How to: use AR quizzes as a backdrop for whole class reading

As part of my role here at Renaissance UK, I’m very fortunate to be able to visit schools and spend time in the classroom working with primary teachers to explore exciting new ways that Renaissance Accelerated Reader can be used ‘beyond the norm’. A recent example of this saw us using the Accelerated Reader quizzes as a backdrop to whole class reading in KS1 and lower KS2. The response was quite simply phenomenal, so I just had to share the approach with other primary schools so you could try it too…

New format for Literacy Skills quizzes and a new quiz

A new format for Literacy Skills (LS) quizzes has been created for Accelerated Reader, which will allow more quizzes to be made available. The new LS Quiz item banks have 24 or 30 items; previously they had 36 or 60 items. Students will still be able to take an LS quiz up to three times […]

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Monthly Quiz List

Each month, we publish a list of the new AR quizzes released in the previous month.

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