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Renaissance Awards 2019

The last Friday in November is a big day in the Renaissance calendar. This year, the morning was spent erecting the stage, putting up banners, ironing the tablecloths, blowing up balloons, and making sure we had enough canapes… all in preparation for our annual Renaissance Awards ceremony!

NEWS RELEASE: World-leading education technology firm Renaissance Learning launches in China

Our launch in China comes after three years spent understanding what would work best for Chinese customers and how to adapt products to best suit the Chinese education system. Read about our success in China so far, and what we plan on doing going forward.

Who’s afraid of the big, bad, digital library?

Have you ever explored the idea of utilising a digital library? In this blog post, we’re exploring some of the benefits of a digital library and how these can help to overcome barriers that libraries are facing today.

Review by John Dabell – Star Assessments

Star Assessments are computer-adaptive assessments for reading and maths, and are used by almost 6,000 schools across the UK and Ireland. John Dabell, a teacher for over 25 years and previous Ofsted inspector, reviews Star Assessments on behalf of Teach Secondary. Read the full review below: At a glance: Accessible, computer-adaptive assessments for reading and […]

What Kids Are Reading 2019 – The Big Launch!

Now in its eleventh year, our annual What Kids Are Reading report is worth making a big deal out of!

Guest Blog: Bringing clarity and reality to school assessments

By Simon Pritchard, Headteacher

Like many schools, when levels were removed from primary assessment, we thought that the adoption of ‘Emerging, Developing and Secure’ would give us a solid way of assessing and measuring learning progression.

Dear Data…. this is not goodbye

By Gary Alexander, Deputy Head Teacher

In this guest post, the Deputy Head Teacher of Battle & Langton Primary School, Gary Alexander, shares his initial thoughts on Ofsted’s recently-published consultation paper on the proposed new inspection framework. In particular, he looks at the implications for assessment and data collection.

Renaissance Awards 2018

On Friday 30th November, teachers, headteachers and librarians from schools across the UK and Ireland headed towards Canary Wharf, East London. Waiting for them on the 14th floor of the South Quay building was a night to remember…

Reading as a precursor to Assessment

We wouldn’t ask a child to run before they can walk… so why would we ask them to sit an assessment if they don’t have the reading skills to be able to decode what is being asked of them?
Well, in primary schools we wouldn’t dream of this. But when reading is one of the hardest skills to assess objectively, how do we truly know what level of reading comprehension a child possesses?

Guest Post: From little acorns… mighty readers grow

By Natasha Simpson, Deputy Head Teacher

“As any primary teacher will know, the transition from Year 2 to Year 3 is always a tricky one. Not only do we have to prepare teacher assessments by relying on our best judgement, the children are also suddenly faced with lots of new concepts and much higher expectations in terms of progress. Now, for maths and writing it’s very easy to objectively gauge where they are in their development. Reading is a completely different ball game.”

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Monthly Quiz List

Each month, we publish a list of the new AR quizzes released in the previous month.

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