15 months of Accelerated Reader for the price of 12

The world’s most popular independent reading programme is better value than ever before. For a limited time only, schools purchasing Accelerated Reader, which includes the Star Reading assessment package, are eligible for an additional three months on their first subscription absolutely free.
Screenshot of the Accelerated Reader primary experience

Students take fun, motivational quizzes using a child-friendly interface.

Reading Dashboard shown on a PC screen

Teachers see reports linked to the English curriculum to informing planning and teaching.

“It has worked for us.” Milton Hall Primary School in Essex has seen amazing success with Accelerated Reader:

“The difference that we’ve seen in reading across the school is really incredible. The first year that we implemented Accelerated Reader, our reading SATs results rose from 50% to 72%! And now, five years later, Milton Hall is in the top 5% for reading progress in the country.”

– Julie Gregory, Assistant Headteacher and Head of Literacy

The Headteacher of Keresley Grange Academy in Coventry has been blown away by Accelerated Reader.

“When I started at the school it was in quite a desperate state. Our children weren’t reading at all and the library was rarely used. When I heard about Accelerated Reader, I thought it was worth trying, to see if it would make any difference – but to be honest, I had no idea what kind of difference it would make.”

– Nicky Penlington, Headteacher

Significant improvement

Findings of the Education Endowment Foundation research
AR produces “particularly positive effects” according to an independent study by the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) and Durham University.

“The internet-based programme increased the reading age of pupils by three additional months in just 22 weeks. The effect on low-income pupils was even greater, with their reading age improving by five additional months in the same amount of time.”

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