Over the last year or more of the Covid pandemic, the issue of formative assessment has become ever more important; both as summative tests at both primary and secondary have been paused or amended, and as children have experienced different levels of teaching and learning, in school and out of school As schools prepare to return for a new school year in September, Renaissance has brought together this short publication to help leaders and teachers think through what it means for them.
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‘A Focus on Assessment’ includes a summary of national research which the Department for Education has commissioned, working with Renaissance data, to show the scale and breadth of catch up, as well as contributions from sector leaders, and practitioners. It also includes the findings of a roundtable hosted by Renaissance in June 2021 to help explore how teachers and leaders are intending to take forward questions of assessment from September, and how they can be supported.

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Assessments tell you what your students know.
Learning Progressions in reading and maths tell you what your students are ready to learn next.

Learning progressions, and particularly Focus Skills, are the foundational skills that are essential to advancing learning (i.e., concepts learners must master along the way in order to move to the next step), supporting the development of future skills (i.e., serve as strong prerequisites for skills to come), and/or reflecting the emphasis of the National Curriculum at that year level.


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