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Over 5,000 schools in the UK use Renaissance Accelerated Reader, the world’s most popular independent reading management software.

About Accelerated Reader

At its heart, AR is simple. Students read a book, take an AR Quiz, and get immediate feedback. Students get excited and motivated when they see their progress. And teachers can easily monitor and manage students’ independent reading practice.

Over 30,000 books have Accelerated Reader quizzes available for them. By choosing books that interest them, and which are of a suitable level of difficulty, students are motivated to read more and make greater progress with their reading skills.

Renaissance Learning also produces numeracy software to accelerate students’ maths skills and provides assessments in reading, maths and early learning for over 1,300,000 UK students.

Find out more about AR at renlearn.co.uk/ar, or contact a member of our team to arrange an online demonstration of the programme on 020 7184 4040.

Mini quizzes for Shadowing Groups

At Renaissance Learning we are proud to continue our association with CILIP and support for the UK’s most prestigious children’s book awards. As part of that support we will again be producing mini AR quizzes on many of the shortlisted titles for the CILIP Carnegie and Kate Greenaway medals, which will be available directly from the CKG Shadowing Site.

Shadowing site

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Accelerated Reader is used by over 3,500 schools in the UK to monitor students’ progress in reading and motivate them to read for pleasure.

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We have made available fun, motivational quizzes on some of the biggest books of the year, including the Carnegie and Kate Greenaway Medal shortlists and the special £1 World Book Day books.


“Particularly positive effects” – independent study by the Education Endowment Foundation

Findings of the Education Endowment Foundation research

Accelerated Reader has been found to increase the reading age of pupils by 3 additional months in just 22 weeks, according to the results of a randomised controlled trial published by the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF). Low-income pupils benefited even more, with their reading age improving by 5 additional months in the same amount of time.

The trial, funded by EEF and led by the schools themselves, involved pupils at the start of year 7 who had not achieved Level 4 in their primary results for English.

Learn more about the study

National Literacy Trust report: Accelerated Reader and Young People’s Reading

Cover of the report from the National Literacy Trust report on Accelerated Reader and Young People's Reading

The National Literacy Trust has published its second independent report on students’ attitudes towards reading.

The study found that, overall, students using Accelerated Reader are more likely to:

  • enjoy reading
  • have a favourite book
  • read regularly at least once a week outside class

Download the full report

About the CILIP Carnegie & Kate Greenaway Children’s Book Awards

The CILIP Carnegie Medal is awarded annually for a work of outstanding fiction for young people. The Medal was first awarded to Arthur Ransome in 1937. Its sister award, the CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal is also awarded annually for an outstanding work of illustration for young people, and was first awarded in 1956 to Edward Ardizzone.

Regarded by many as the ultimate arbiter of quality writing and illustration for children and young people, the Medals are judged by a panel of children’s librarians from CILIP’s Youth Libraries Group (YLG) who select the shortlists and winning titles, frequently spotting new talent ahead of the rest. Members of the panel combine an in-depth knowledge of books with daily experience of working and reading with young people.

In addition to support from Renaissance Learning, the awards are also sponsored by ALCS, the Authors Licensing and Collecting Society and the Carnegie UK Trust.

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