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Steps to success with Accelerated Maths

With Accelerated Maths (AM), students can see and answer maths problems online using computers, laptops, tablets, or paper and pencil. You have more options than ever for teaching in an interactive, engaging classroom environment.

AM is available by subscription and hosted online at Renaissance Place.

1. Organise a baseline assessment for all students

The STAR Maths online assessment will give you critical baseline information about all your students in just 15 minutes. This includes a National Curriculum Level and an indication of appropriate maths topics for each individual. You can use this quick and accurate test throughout the year to measure progression and to assess new additions to your class.

2. Decide how you want to organise your class

Even when teaching a mixed ability group it may prove useful to split your class into groups following the STAR Maths assessment. AM allows you to set as many sub groups as you wish based on criteria that you choose. Typical criteria used would include students above or below their peers nationally.

3. Plan how AM can support your scheme of work

You already know what you want to teach and you can now set up your assignment book in AM to support your scheme of work. We will help you choose the template that best suits your school but you will always be in charge of what assignments your students receive.

4. Assign personalised maths practice to your students

All AM assignments are unique even when students are working on the same topic at the same level. You decide, however, whether you want to set practice work for the class as whole or differentiated for your sub groups or both. AM is also ideal for setting maths homework at an appropriate level for each student.

5. Students work through the problems and mark their work

Students get their assignments either on paper or via Renaissance Place on their PCs or tablets. They work through the problems and give their answers either as a free response or in a multiple choice format. Again it is your choice which of these configurations you prefer. The multiple choice format tests students against the most commonly misconceived answers and also allows instant marking of their responses.

6. Track progress and identify gaps in learning

The comprehensive reporting options within AM allow you to monitor every child’s progress and to take a forensic look at their learning and knowledge. Progress reports are available for staff, parents and students themselves. Reporting parameters can also be set for groups, such as those receiving free school meals, or qualifying for the Pupil Premium.