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Photo of a girl taking an assessment with Accelerated Maths

Create enthusiasm for maths in students of all ages

Accelerated Maths (AM) helps to establish routines which allow students to work efficiently and independently, maximising practice time. It frees up teachers’ time, allowing them to plan, teach, and meet with students.

Gain a detailed picture of every student’s understanding. AM utilises the baseline assessment data created with STAR Maths, allowing appropriately challenging AM practice assignments to be created.

Create personalised assignments. Maths topics can first be taught to the class, a small group, or an individual student before specific objectives are assigned with AM. Personalised assignments are automatically printed for each student.

Score and generate reports automatically. Students’ online work is scored instantly, while those working on paper can submit their answers to the class computer using NEO 2, the AccelScan scanner or Renaissance Home Connect. The answers are automatically marked and a TOPS Report of the results is printed, along with the next practice assignment.

Receive detailed feedback. The TOPS report printed after each assessment gives immediate feedback and provides motivation for the student while giving teachers valuable progress information. It also facilitates one-to-one discussion with each student about their understanding of the topic.

Students have become much more independent with their learning and their knowledge retention has improved.

Callum Young
subject leader, The Boulevard Academy