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Instant feedback on progress in maths

Accelerated Maths (AM) provides teachers and administrators with immediate feedback that can direct and enhance instruction.

AM’s detailed and incisive reports give you the valuable information you need to personalise instruction and monitor your students’ progress in maths while greatly reducing the time spent creating and marking assignments.

TOPS Report. The AM TOPS Report prints after each assignment is scored, giving immediate feedback to students. View sample report.

Diagnostic Report. This report helps to monitor students’ progress toward mastery of maths objectives. View sample report.

Status of the Class Report. To aid with instructional planning, this report helps identify which maths objectives are causing the most difficulty for students. View sample report.

Renaissance Place Dashboard

Screenshot of the Renaissance Place Dashboard

The Renaissance Place Dashboard shows valuable data at a glance.

With a quick glance, the Renaissance Place Dashboard gives teachers and senior leaders a big-picture view of student performance by class, year, or custom sub-group. This gives an overview that is easy to interpret and quick to digest.

Information displayed on the dashboard includes a Success Index, showing the percentage of students averaging at least 85% in assessments in the last 30 days. It also shows information about the number of students taking assessments and tests, the number of assessments being taken, and the total time spent engaged with AM.

AM supports EAL students’ acquisition of knowledge very well. There is something about the programme that scaffolds learning particularly well for those students.

Andy Grace
Principal, The Boulevard Academy