Welcome to your Accelerated Reader & Star Reading implementation

Welcome to Renaissance! Star Reading and Accelerated Reader are fantastic resources for schools. You have an online reading assessment for your students which provides access to a huge amount of data about reading levels and skills, as well as a way to ensure students are guided to the best books for them to be able to read and understand, and a way of checking whether they have understood them.

The standard Star Reading and Accelerated Reader implementation consist of two parts: Part one is designed to get you up & running and is access to three online sessions that focus on setting things on Star Reading and on Accelerated Reader.
Part two, once you have attended the setup sessions and introduced the products to your students, is 1:1 virtual training session with a Renaissance consultant to discuss how things have gone, and enables you to have a conversation about all the initial data you have accumulated to that point.

    Your implementation contains the following:

  • Unlimited access to the Introduction and Setup session
  • Unlimited access to the Star Assessments session
  • Unlimited access to the Accelerated Reader session
  • A 1:1 virtual training session with a Renaissance consultant which fits around your availability
  • Unlimited access to Renaissance Coaching Clinics
  • Access to the Renaissance training department at coaching@renlearn.co.uk
  • Key Star and Accelerated Reader resources

The great thing about your implementation is that anyone from your school can join in on the first 3 sessions at any time, as we have multiple sessions running every week which you can find links for below, and attendees can book on at their leisure. Unlimited access means just that.

  • Need all your staff to know how to Star test? Have them register when suits them ahead of your planned testing dates.
  • Need a refresher on Accelerated Reader? Just book on when you are next available.
  • New to the products? Join a session straight away to get you up to speed.

Every session is open to all staff & schools that have access to our Star Reading and Accelerated Reader implementation, and everyone is encouraged to participate throughout each one. You never know, you may find some new tips being suggested by someone else, or you might suggest an idea that helps another school! Also, everyone will be provided with a recording of the session after attending.

If you are brand new to our products we know that getting started can seem confusing with different things to do, so to help you have a smooth implementation we have put together a simple timeline below to help get you up and running:

Month 1:




Month 2:



Back to School Set-Up session

This additional session outside of your implementation is extremely important to attend ahead of the academic year transition. Our expert trainers will take you through the key admin tasks you will need to complete for the back to school set-up, show you how to prepare data, how to add/copy over existing pupils and classes, and how to add in your term dates to ensure your sites are ready for your pupils to log in next year.

Monday @1:30pm

Tuesday @11am

Wednesday @12:30pm

Thursday @3:30pm

Friday @9am

   Star Early Literacy

    If you have our Star Early Literacy (SEL) product then you’ll need to prepare for testing the children differently from Star Reading and Star Maths.

    These documents are designed to help support implementing Star Early Literacy in your school:


This will complete your implementation, but remember to save this page and keep access to the session booking links, because unlimited access to the initial sessions will be available for you or any new staff for the first 12 months of your Renaissance products.

For any issues with importing data, or any issues with BookGuide just contact Renaissance Customer Services at uksupport@renlearn.co.uk or on 020 7184 4000

Renaissance Clinics

If you need to ask the Training department about something specific, however, the Renaissance Clinics allow you to book time with one of our Training team in a 1:1 environment. The Clinics are fantastic for asking advice on the products, for advancing your implementation, for analysing your data with some support or just figuring out your next steps after having completed the sessions.

We have launched weekly Clinic time where you will be able to book up to 15 minutes with one of our team. Slots will be limited each week and access to these is unlimited, so keep the link and book, or re-book, as often as you need. Book here.