Welcome to your Star Reading and Accelerated Reader training portal

Star Reading and Accelerated Reader are fantastic resources for schools. The Star Reading assessment provides access to a huge amount of data about your pupils’ reading levels and national curriculum skills. Accelerated Reader will ensure pupils are guided to the best books for them to read and understand, and a way of checking whether they have understood them.

Watch the intro video below for more about what to expect throughout onboarding.

Your Star and Accelerated Reader onboarding contains the following blended learning:

  • On-demand video – Preparing your Accelerated Reader bookstock
  • On-demand video – Navigating your Renaissance website
  • Webinar – Intro to Star Assessments
  • Webinar – Intro to Accelerated Reader
  • Virtual 121 training session with an experienced Trainer to look deeper into your Star and AR data and support you in advancing your implementation
  • Personalised report at the end of your training showing your pupils’ achievements using your products throughout your onboarding

You will also access key Star and Accelerated Reader resources and additional 121 support via our Renaissance clinics (more info at the bottom of this page).

Our Training Coordinators are on-hand for anything your need during your onboarding stage with us. You can reach them at [email protected]

We know that getting started can seem confusing with different things to do, so to help you have a smooth implementation, we have put together a simple step-by-step timeline below to help get you up and running.

Month 1
Objective Action
Step 1a: Upload your users into Renaissance Place

Adding pupils and teachers for Star Reading and Accelerated Reader is done via an import of data. We advise doing this ahead of attending any sessions.

Step 1b: Watch the on-demand video: Navigating your Renaissance website

This on-demand video will guide you through the remainder of the setup of your Renaissance website once you have imported your pupils and teachers.

(We advise doing this ahead of attending any training sessions)

Step 2a: Watch the on-demand video: Preparing your AR bookstock

Whether your school has a library management system or not, this on-demand training session will help you to successfully identify the books in your library/school that have quizzes and guide you through their best labelling.

(Recommended attendees: anyone in school responsible for the books)

  • If your school does have a library management system, click here to access the on-demand video
  • If your school does not have a library management system, click here to access the on-demand video
Step 2b: Start to prepare your books for Accelerated Reader

Preparing your books for Accelerated Reader is important so that students can select the correct books based on their Star assessments’ results.

Step 3a: Attend your first session: Introduction to Star Assessments

Covering the following topics:

  • Fidelity and validity
  • Overview of Star assessments
  • Pre-test planning
  • Administering a test
  • Post-test data
  • How Star links to Accelerated Reader

(Recommended attendees: teaching staff, SLT and assessment leads)

Click on your preferred date and time below for your second session (1hr webinar):

Step 3b: Star test your pupils

Ensure all your students have tested by the next step.

Month 2
Step 4a: Attend your second session: Launching Accelerated Reader

Covering the following topics:

  • Accelerated Reader Best Practices
  • How AR quizzes work
  • Taking a Reading Practice quiz
  • Monitoring AR Data
  • Planning a launch

(Recommended attendees: teaching staff, SLT and the person responsible for books)

Click on your preferred date and time below for your third session (1hr webinar):

Step 4b: Start your pupils reading and quizzing

Launching Accelerated Reader with your students and having them select, read & quiz on their books is necessary for advancing to the second part of the training sessions. The more data accumulated by this stage, the better the 121 conversations will be.

Step 5: Book your 121 training session

Covering the following topics:

  • A detailed discussion of your pupils’ Star assessment data
  • A detailed discussion of your pupils’ Accelerated Reader data
  • Target setting and motivators
  • Advancing your implementation

(Recommended attendees: teaching staff, SLT and assessment leads)

Email the Training Coordinators to discuss booking your final training session:


Star Early Literacy

If you also have our Star Early Literacy (SEL) product, you will need to prepare for testing the children slightly differently from Star Reading and Star Maths, the main difference being that pupils will need headphones or speakers to access the test.

These documents are designed to help support implementing Star Early Literacy in your school:

Renaissance Clinics

However, if you need to ask the Training department about something specific, the Renaissance Clinics allow you to book time with one of our Training team in a 1:1 environment. The Clinics are fantastic for asking for advice on the products, advancing your implementation, analysing your data with some support, or just figuring out your next steps after completing the sessions.

Each clinic session can be booked for 15 mins at any time of the day; click here to book.

Access to these is unlimited too, so keep the link and book as often as you need.

This will complete your implementation, but unlimited access to sessions 1-3 will be available for you or any new staff for the first 12 months of your Renaissance products using the booking links above.

For any issues with importing data or any issues with BookGuide contact Renaissance Customer Services at [email protected] or 020 7184 4000