Assessment Updates

Last updated April 23, 2019

Announcement: New UK Norming

In the 2019-20 academic year we will be releasing new norms, including country specific norms for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. To learn more about norming and what this change means, please read this document.

Announcements: New and Updated Reports

We are pleased to announce the following new reports, which you can learn more about in this Reports Update Overview document:

  • Student Planning Report
  • Class Planning Report
  • Student Performance Report KS2 SATs
  • Class Performance Report KS2 SATs
  • Parent Report

More information about these reports can be found here.

Announcements: New Reports Overview

Student Planning Report

This report will provide teachers with invaluable information. Based on the latest Star Reading assessment, it will identify where a student is along the Learning Progression for Reading and offer the next steps for teaching. Focus skills will be clearly identified to offer suggested next steps in teaching within key domain areas, such as Word Recognition, Fluency and Accuracy, Comprehension and Engaging and Responding to Texts. Additional information will be shown to identify a student’s current performance and likely projections for future achievement.

Class Planning Report

Teachers can group students into groups and the report will provide skill recommendations that are based on the median score for the group. These skills come from the Learning Progressions we have developed for Reading and for the basis for planning. Teachers can combine this information with their knowledge of the students and use their professional judgement in planning the way forward. By using the Renaissance Reading Learning Progression they can find additional information for each skill and select potential resources.

Student Performance Report KS2 SATs

We are able to identify correlated scores in Star Reading with likely achievement in the KS2 SATs test for Year 6 pupils. This information can be used to plot progress to give a clear indication on progress likely to achieve the proficiency threshold for Reading SATs. The Pathway to Proficiency represents typical growth for a student who achieves the expected level of performance in KS2 SATs Reading. A test score below the pathway indicates the student will need to improve at a higher than average rate to reach the expected level. A score above indicates the student is on the pathway to score at or above proficient.

More information about the SATs/Star study can be found here:

Class Performance Report KS2 SATs

This report will provide an indication of likely achievement in KS2 SATs for a whole class and provide class average scaled scores in Star testing. It will also provide a student by student breakdown for each child working above the Pathway to Proficiency and those who are currently working below the Pathway.

More information about the SATs/Star study can be found here:

Parent Report

The Parent/Guardian Report can be sent home and will offer detailed information for parents/guardians on the various scores used to provide in-depth analysis of a student’s performance. Key information such as Percentile Rank, Reading Age, Student Growth Percentile and ZPD will help give a clear indication of a student’s progress and achievement.

More information about these key scores can be found here:

As ever, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need further explanation or support to you help you make best use of the assessment reporting we can offer you.


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