Bookbuzz 2013

By Chris Jarosh

Over 200,000 students in approximately 1500 schools will be receiving books as part of the Bookbuzz scheme this autumn. Run by Booktrust, Bookbuzz aims to get great books into the hands of Year 7 students. Each participating student will receive one of a shortlist of books as well as a bookmark, while each school will gain two copies of the books for their library and staff room.

Twelve books form the core selection of available titles, and a further five books from a lower reading level are also on offer to struggling or reluctant readers. Almost all of the titles are already available to quiz with Accelerated Reader, with two deemed non-quizzable due to formats unsuited to reading practice quizzes.

Core books

Book covers for four of the Bookbuzz books

Soldier Dog by Sam Angus. Stanley is a dog handler, working in the trenches during the First World War. As the fighting escalates, and Stanley experiences the true horror of war, he comes to realise that the loyalty of his dog is the only thing he can rely on. Quiz #223642.

Butterfly Summer by Anne-Marie Conway. During a hot summer in a new home, Becky discovers a secret her mum has been keeping from her. She also meets a strange girl in Butterfly Gardens. All these things are connected as Becky begins to discover her family’s dark past. Quiz #222862.

After Tomorrow by Gillian Cross. When food becomes scarce in the UK, Matt and his little brother escape to France. But life in a refugee camp is hard and they have to call on their own resourcefulness to survive. Quiz #224591.

Dear Scarlett by Fleur Hitchcock. When Scarlett receives a box belonging to her late father, the notorious jewel thief Richard Mcnally, she finds it’s full of clues. But as she begins to discover what they mean, her life appears to be in danger. Quiz #224592.

Book covers for three core books on the Bookbuzz list

Death Cloud by Andrew Lane. In 1868, with his army officer father posted to India and his mother mysteriously “unwell,” 14-year-old Sherlock is sent to stay with his uncle and aunt in Hampshire, where he uncovers his first murder. The plot contains violence. Book #1 in the Young Sherlock Holmes series. Quiz #219978.

Sky Hawk by Gill Lewis. When Iona befriends Callum, she shows him an osprey nesting on his farm – a rare and exciting discovery. As they watch over the osprey, tragedy strikes and Callum’s life becomes intertwined with a girl in Gambia, changing his life forever. Quiz #221025.

Payback by Graham Marks. Greg finds an object in the park. As soon as he touches it he hears a voice, and everywhere he looks people are ready to die. Quiz #224237.

Book covers from four of the core books on the Bookbuzz list.

Space: The Whole Whizz-Bang Story by Glenn Murphy. Glenn Murphy answers questions about space and the universe in an informative and funny way. Quiz #225058.

Gods and Warriors: The Outsiders by Michelle Paver. In the turbulent world of the Mediterranean Bronze Age, Hylas, a lowly 12-year-old goatherd, thief, and outsider, journeys from the Greek mountains to Crete and Egypt, making allies with animals, battling tyranny, and withstanding the elemental powers. Quiz #223109.

The Dark Lord: The Teenage Years by Jamie Thomson. Once the Dark Lord of the Darklands, Dirk finds himself trapped on Earth in the body of a puny, lisping thirteen-year-old. Without his powers but as hungry for domination as ever, he sets about trying to return to his world and defeating his nemesis. Quiz #222164.

My Best Friend and Other Enemies by Catherine Wilkins. When Amelia joins Jessica’s school, friendships change and Jessica forms new friendships. Quiz #224956.

Accessible books

Book covers for the accessible Bookbuzz titles

The Wimp’s Guide to Killer Animals by Tracey Turner. Illustrated by Dave Smith. A guide to the world’s most dangerous and deadly wild animals. Quiz #224765.

Sir Scallywag and the Golden Underpants by Giles Andrae. King Colin has lost his underpants of gold! Can Sir Scallywag get them back?! Quiz #224744.

The Pirates Next Door by Jonny Duddle. A pirate family moves into a quiet seaside neighborhood and causes all the neighbors to gossip, and after Matilda becomes friends with young pirate Jim Lad, the pirate family decides to set sail, but not without leaving behind a few hidden surprises. Quiz #221995.

Oh Dear, Geoffrey! by Gemma O’Neill. Geoffrey is a very tall, very clumsy giraffe. He tries to make friends with the animals low down on the ground, but he just trips, slips and falls… usually flat on his face. Poor old Geoffrey tries everything to fit in but only when he realises that his height is an advantage does he stretch out his long neck and discover a host of friends in the trees. Quiz #225103.

Non-Quizzable books

Unfortunately two Bookbuzz books have been deemed non-quizzable: Michael Rosen’s Big Book of Bad Things, and Giggle, Giggle What’s So Funny? For more information about why a book may be deemed non-quizzable, please see our Books and Quizzes FAQs.

Posted on 16 August 2013 at 4:30 pm
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