Bookbuzz 2019 quizzes are here!

By Lee Burkwood

Summer holidays are over. While that’s always sad, there’s plenty to look forward to in the new school year. First up: new Bookbuzz books!

As ever there are some really exciting books on the list for all interests and reading abilities. Our writers have really enjoyed quizzing this year’s selection which includes non-fiction, picture books, some Doctor Who, and a book written in free-verse style.

To find out more about Bookbuzz and sign your school up to the programme, which is aimed at pupils aged 11-13, click here.

One of this year’s Bookbuzz books was deemed non-quizzable; Animal Records by Sally Wassner. If you’re curious as to why we are unable to quiz certain books, read our blog post on what makes a book non-quizzable.

The 2019 Bookbuzz Books:










Armistice Runner by Tom Palmer
Lily is losing her gran to Alzheimer’s. But then she discovers her great-great-grandfather’s diaries from the First World War. Could his incredible story of bravery help her reconnect with her gran?
Quiz # 234312 | MY | BL 4 | Barrington Stoke

Battle of the Cyborg Cat/Cyborg Cat: Rise of the Parsons Road Gang by Ade Adepitan
Ade is the new kid on the street, which isn’t easy when you look different to everyone else. Then he meets the Parsons Road Gang. They don’t cause trouble, they just play football, and they could do with a player with super-cyborg-strength!
Quiz # 233888 | MY | BL 4.7 | Studio Press

Doctor Who: The Secret in Vault 13 by David Solomons
The galaxy is in terrible danger and only the Doctor can save it. To do so, she must break into a vault on a remote and frozen world, a vault from which nobody has ever returned alive….
Quiz # 236496 | MY | BL 6.1 | BBC Books









Drone Racer by Andy Briggs
Carson and his friends find a super-fast drone at the scrapyard. They enter it in a race with great results, but this is no ordinary drone. Someone wants it back and will stop at nothing to get it.
Quiz # 234542 | MY | BL 5.8 | Scholastic Children’s Books

Football School Season 3 by Alex Bellos
At Football School, every lesson is about football. The book is packed with true stories, real science and fascinating facts about the beautiful game.
Quiz # 236354 | MY | BL 6.9 | Walker Books

Girls Can Vlog: Lucy Locket Online Disaster by Emma Moss
On her first day at a new school, one of Lucy’s classmates has videoed her making a fool of herself – and put the whole thing online! Then a friend encourages her to start a vlog, and she is amazed to find that people actually want to watch!
Quiz # 232005 | MY | BL 5.4 | Macmillan Children’s Books









Jelly by Jo Cotterill
Angelica (nicknamed Jelly) is the comedy queen of the classroom but she isn’t as confident as she pretends to be. No one knows her deepest thoughts and feelings until Lennon, Mum’s new boyfriend, arrives. Can Jelly risk letting people see the real her?
Quiz # 236449 | MY | BL 4.4 | Piccadilly Press Ltd

Still Water by Chris Priestley
Rosie is evacuated from London at the outbreak of war and taken in by Mrs Taylor and her daughter Mary. But Mary resents and bullies Rosie, and Mrs Taylor is hiding a dark secret…
Quiz # 234316 | MY+ | BL 4.2 | Barrington Stoke

The Crossover by Kwame Alexander
Fourteen-year-old twin basketball stars Josh and Jordan wrestle with highs and lows on and off the court as their father ignores his declining health. Told in free verse.
Quiz # 229099 | MY | BL 4.3 | Andersen Press









The Last Zoo by Sam Gayton
Pia lives in the world’s last zoo, a place where the impossible is possible. But when the resident angels go missing she must take a perilous journey to find them.
Quiz # 236454 | MY | BL 4.7 | Andersen Press

When the Mountains Roared by Jess Butterworth
When Ruby’s dad moves them from Australia to set up a hotel in the mountains of India, Ruby is devasted. She believes India will never feel like home. Then the last remaining leopards of the mountain are threatened and everything changes…
Quiz # 233596 | MY | BL 4.2 | Hodder and Stoughton

Who Killed Darius Drake? by Rodman Philbrick
Arthur is a bully-for-hire, but when nerdy Darius hires him to investigate a threatening note, both boys enter a strange, dark mystery.
Quiz # 233760 | MY | BL 4.9 | Usborne









Sam Wu is NOT Afraid of Ghosts by Katie and Kevin Tsang
After Ralph starts calling him Scaredy-Cat Sam, Sam sets out to prove him wrong by obtaining a deadly pet as a sidekick and defeating the Ghost King once and for all. The co-author is Kevin Tsang.
Quiz # 236451 | MY | BL 4.9 | Egmont Children’s Books

The Lost Diary of Sami Star by Karen McCombie
Life is hard for Hannah. At home, everyone’s always arguing, and when she tries to talk to her friends, it feels like they’re not really there for her. But everything changes when she comes across a diary in the park belonging to a girl called Sami Star.
Quiz # 234319 | MY | BL 4.5 | Barrington Stoke









Tickle Time by Igloo Books
Red Monster is playing a tickling game with his friends.
Quiz # 236723 | LY | BL 2.9 | Igloo Books Ltd

Superbat by Matt Carr
Pat the bat wants to be a superhero. Though he may not have unique skills, he learns that sometimes you just have to use the abilities you already have to make a difference.
Quiz # 235572 | LY | BL 2.7 | Scholastic Press

Which of the Bookbuzz books are your students most excited to read? Share your Bookbuzz pictures and stories with us on Twitter at @AccReader.

Happy quizzing!

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