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By Chris Jarosh
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Dan Freedman

Dan Freedman is the author of the bestselling Jamie Johnson series of children’s football novels.Having previously worked as a writer for the England football team, school children are immediately hooked by Dan’s experiences in the game, meaning he is a completely unique position to encourage them to achieve their dreams by increasing their literacy standards.

Dan’s school visits combine his real-life stories of working with players like David Beckham, Steven Gerrard and Wayne Rooney along with his tips and insights into life as an author. His writing workshops have a remarkable effect, with even those students known to be reluctant and uninterested producing high quality pieces of work, often to their own surprise. Dan regularly visits schools all over the country continuing his personal mission to ‘make reading cool!’

Website: danfreedman.co.uk/
Twitter: @DanFreedman99

Jamie Johnson

The Jamie Johnson series follows the footballing adventures of Jamie, from his time at school to a professional career.

Title AR Quiz Number Interest Level Book Level
The Kick Off 212832 Middle Years 4.9
Shoot to Win 212828 Middle Years 4.9
Golden Goal 215309 Middle Years 5.1
Man of the Match 217798 Middle Years 4.9
World Class 220020 Middle Years 5.9
Final Whistle 222136 Middle Years 5.8
Skills from Brazil 226524 Middle Years 5.6

In addition, a special edition Born to Play was published for 2010’s World Book Day.

Additional resources

As part of a writing competition we ran in partnership with Dan and his publisher Scholastic, we are offering free A2 posters for your classroom and a pdf resource from Dan on ‘why dads should read with their children.’

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