Dangerous Games series quizzed for Accelerated Reader

By Chris Jarosh

Book covers for the Dangerous Games series

Dangerous Games from Rising Stars is a high interest / low reading level series specifically aimed at struggling and reluctant readers. Written by Sue Graves, the books tell the adventures of Sima, Tom and Kojo as they test and develop computer games. Nothing ever goes to plan for the gang as their games quickly descend into races against time when they are plunged into peril.

The books are written in a graphic novel format, with paragraphs of text interspersed with illustrations and speech bubble items. Many of the illustrations refer to games and popular science-fiction films and books, too. Book levels for the series range between 2.7 and 4.1. The first eight books were quizzed when published a few years ago, and the second set of eight published recently has now been completed.

You can find the whole series on AR BookFinder. Click on the Advanced Search box and select the topic Series and subtopic Dangerous Games in the additional criteria section.

What our quiz writer says

One of our star quiz writers, Beverly Sanford, has worked on the series. We asked her what she enjoyed about Dangerous Games.

Dangerous Games is great fun. I really love the sci-fi references and the concept of things going wrong in real-life computer games is brilliant. The most enduring theme of the series is the sheer resilience of the characters. It’s remarkable: a full sixteen times they find themselves in deep trouble because of their games, and yet they keep playing! Come what may, these guys love doing what they do and they’re clearly able use their heads to save the day when it’s all going wrong. If I were to meet them, though, I think I’d suggest they head to the local job fair to seek alternative employment!

Posted on 19 September 2013 at 3:08 pm
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