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By Chris Jarosh
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Jamila Gavin

Jamila Gavin is the Whitbread Award-winning author of Coram Boy, among other well-known titles. Jamila was born in India and spent part of her childhood there, before moving to the UK. Many of her books are influenced by her experiences growing up, and her popular Grandpa Chatterji series is often used in classrooms as texts for stories from another culture.

As well as global cultures, Jamila has a passion for folk stories and often draws on tales from around the world and throughout history for her own storytelling. Her upcoming book Blackberry Blue is an original collection of short fairy tales about magical places and creatures, destined to entertain and inspire children.


Coram Boy, for which Jamila won the Whitbread Award, remains her best-know book and a set text in many classrooms. These other highlights are among her most popular titles with Accelerated Reader users.

Title AR Quiz Number Interest Level Book Level
Coram Boy 204258 Middle Years 6.3
Monkey in the Stars 202043 Middle Years 4.5
Fine Feathered Friend 205214 Lower Years 4.7

World Tales

Many of Jamila’s stories feature influences from world literature. Her latest book, Blackberry Blue, draws on Western European folk tales but gives them a New European flavour.

Title AR Quiz Number Interest Level Book Level
Blackberry Blue 225783 Middle Years 6.1
Alexander the Great 223621 Upper Years 7.6
I Want to be an Angel 202042 Middle Years 4.8
Three Indian Goddesses 204201 Middle Years 5.5

Grandpa Chatterji

Grandpa Chatterji is not at all like what Neetu and Sanjay expect him to be.

Title AR Quiz Number Interest Level Book Level
Grandpa Chatterji 201428 Middle Years 4.6
Grandpa’s Indian Summer 202041 Middle Years 5.3

Surya Trilogy

The Surya Trilogy follows family of Indian Sikhs, exploring issues like the partition of India, arranged marriage, and divided loyalties.

Title AR Quiz Number Interest Level Book Level
The Wheel of Surya 201427 Middle Years 5.9
The Eye of the Horse 201994 Middle Years 5.6
The Track of the Wind 201945 Middle Years 6.1


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