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Julia Jarman

Born talking – almost! – Julia was often in trouble for ‘telling stories’. After a degree in English and Drama at Manchester University she taught in secondary schools and started writing when her own children urged her to ‘write about kids like us.’

Her Time-Travelling Cat series dramatises history and helps teachers deliver the curriculum. Now living in Bedfordshire, she travels widely visiting schools and libraries and young offenders’ institutions. Her website features details about her books for tots to teens and in-betweens, and carries activities, lesson plans and schemes of work.

Website: juliajarman.com

The Time-Travelling Cat

Mysterious cat Ka keeps disappearing. Topher follows her one day, and he is led on a journey through time. Each book in the series can be used to support teaching of the history curriculum.

Title AR Quiz Number Interest Level Book Level
The Time-Travelling Cat and the Egyptian Goddess 204479 Middle Years 4.1
The Time-Travelling Cat and the Tudor Treasure 211383 Middle Years 5.4
The Time-Travelling Cat and the Roman Eagle 211382 Middle Years 5.0
The Time-Travelling Cat and the Aztec Sacrifice 209658 Middle Years 4.6
The Time-Travelling Cat and the Viking Treasure 219625 Middle Years 4.5
The Time-Travelling Cat and the Great Victorian Stink 219624 Middle Years 4.3


Julia has written several books for the Hopscotch series of early readers from Franklin Watts.

Title AR Quiz Number Interest Level Book Level
Grandma’s Seaside Bloomers 215925 Lower Years 2.2
King Midas’s Golden Touch 219131 Lower Years 2.7
Little Bad Riding Hood 224358 Lower Years 2.5

Upper Years

Hangman is a hard-hitting book about bullying. Danny Lamb is different and Toby dreads being seen as his friend. Toby doesn’t want to bully Danny or hurt him. But on a school trip to Normandy, close to the D-Day landing beaches, a harmless game goes dreadfully wrong.

Title AR Quiz Number Interest Level Book Level
Hangman 223336 Upper Years 5.0

Middle Years

Julia’s books include several for younger readers, featuring lovable characters and engaging plots.

Title AR Quiz Number Interest Level Book Level
The Haunting of Nadia 201059 Middle Years 4.0
Ghost Writer 205962 Middle Years 4.1
The Sewer Sleuth 206098 Middle Years 4.3
Peace Weavers 207023 Middle Years 4.9
Ollie and the Bogle 207632 Middle Years 4.0
The Jessame Stories 208776 Middle Years 4.7
Stowaway! 213067 Middle Years 4.2
Jessame to the Rescue 216672 Middle Years 4.5
Jenny Greenteeth 222890 Middle Years 2.7
Pillywiggins and the Tree Witch 223275 Middle Years 3.8

Middle Years

Julia has written many books for Middle Years readers, covering a range of topics and genres.

Title AR Quiz Number Interest Level Book Level
Flying Friends 205265 Lower Years 2.4
Mole’s Useful Day 205273 Lower Years 2.9
Owl’s Big Mistake 205734 Lower Years 2.6
Kangaroo’s Cancan Café 207016 Lower Years 3.0
Rabbit’s Birthday Surprise 208240 Lower Years 2.2
Class Two at the Zoo 214384 Lower Years 3.0
Class Three All at Sea 214769 Lower Years 2.9
Grandma’s Seaside Bloomers 215925 Lower Years 2.2
Bears on the Stairs 221054 Lower Years 1.7
Molly and the Giant 223408 Lower Years 3.3
Two Shy Pandas 225174 Lower Years 2.2

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