Kate Greenaway Shortlist 2015

By Chris Jarosh

Book covers for the 2015 CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal shortlist

Every book shortlisted for the 2015 CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal has a reading practice quiz available for Accelerated Reader, except for Shaun Tan’s Rules of Summer which has been deemed unsuitable for quizzing. The shortlist was announced on 17 March. The winner will be revealed on Monday 22 June.

Dark Satanic Mills is by Marcus Sedgwick & Julian Sedgwick. Framed for a murder she did not commit in a near-future Britain, Christy journeys from the flooded landmarks of London to the vast, scorched and abandoned hills of the north.

Walker | 978-1-4063-2988-9 | MY | BL 3.1 | Quiz #226543

Goth Girl and the Ghost of a Mouse is by Chris Riddell. Ada lives with her father in a vast, haunted house. She has many servants but no friends. However, the night Ada meets Ishmael marks the start of exciting changes in her life.

Macmillan Children’s Books | 978-0-230-75980-0 | MY | BL 6.5 | Quiz #226667

Jim’s Lion is by Russell Hoban. A boy in hospital dreams of a lion that will protect him.

Walker | 978-1-4063-4602-2 | LY | BL 3.4 | Quiz #204839

Shackleton’s Journey is by William Grill. Learn how Shackleton and his crew survived crossing the frozen heart of Antarctica.

Flying Eye Books | 978-1-909263-10-9 | MY | BL 6.7 | Quiz #228230

Smelly Louie is by Catherine Rayner. When Louie was given a bath, he lost his special smell. Will he ever be able to find it again?

Macmillan Children’s Books | 978-0-230-74250-5 | LY | BL 2.5 | Quiz #227993

The Promise is by Nicola Davies. When a young thief tries to rob an old woman’s bag, she is told she can’t have it unless she promises “to plant them”. The bag is full of acorns and as the girl plants them, trees begin to grow and colour and life returns to the mean, grey city.

Walker | 978-1-4063-3728-0 | MY | BL 3.7 | Quiz #226489

Tinder is by Sally Gardner. A retelling of Hans Christian Andersen’s classic fairytale, The Tinder Box; a story of love, prophecy, devilry and death.

Indigo | 978-1-78062-149-4 | UY | BL 5.5 | Quiz #227530

Posted on 17 March 2015 at 8:29 am
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