May Quiz List released

By Chris Jarosh

At the beginning of every month, we release a list of new AR quizzes. May’s list is now available to view and download. There are many great titles now available for quizzing, but to whet your appetite for fresh quizzes we’ve picked out three top Middle Years series to focus on.

Tom Gates

Book cover for Tom Gates is Absolutely Fantastic (at some things)Fans of Tom Gates will be pleased to hear that the latest book in the series from Liz Pichon is now available for quizzing. Liz recently read part of the first book in the series as part of our Read to a Million Kids campaign – you can watch the video here. The latest book, Tom Gates is Absolutely Fantastic (at some things), sees Tom and his class go on an adventure holiday trip. Cue midnight feasts, capsized boats, and mischievous practical jokes. Tom also discovers the creative medium of banana doodles, which we in the quizzing team have very much enjoyed trying out for ourselves!


Girls FC

Cover images for the final two Girls FC books

Also released this month were the final two stories in the Girls FC series by Helena Pielichaty.  Do Shinpads Come in Pink?  follows Amy as she struggles to be taken seriously by the Parrs.  Here We Go! is all about changes: changes to the team, a change of coach, and ultimately Megan’s decisions about her future. Fans of the series will be glad to see it rounded off so well – and for those who haven’t been reading along, what better time to start?

Middle School

Book covers for Middle School and I Funny by James PattersonWe’re also pleased to announce that James Patterson’s children’s series Middle School is now quizzed. The books tell the story of Rafe Khatchadorian’s struggle through Middle School. He subverts the school rules, dodges bullies, evades boredom and in the third book his sister takes centre stage as she follows in Rafe’s footsteps… but not too closely! A fouth book in the series will be published in the summer. I Funny, also by James Patterson, follows Jamie Grimm’s attempts to make a name in stand-up comedy.

Posted on 7 June 2013 at 4:29 pm
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