New format for Literacy Skills quizzes and a new quiz

By Chris Jarosh
Book cover for Susan Hill's The Woman in Black

The Woman in Black now has a Literacy Skills quiz available

A new format for Literacy Skills (LS) quizzes has been created for Accelerated Reader, which will allow more quizzes to be made available.

The new LS Quiz item banks have 24 or 30 items; previously they had 36 or 60 items. Students will still be able to take an LS quiz up to three times as the quizzes will include questions that are randomly generated from an item bank. Students will see 12 questions on the new LS quizzes.

Newly released LS quizzes will not be accompanied by a Teacher’s Guide. As existing LS quizzes are revised, the Teacher’s Guides will no longer be available for those titles. Titles selected for LS quizzes are well-known and frequently taught in the curriculum; they often have substantial resources available to teachers.

We have taken these measures to make it possible to release LS quizzes on a greater number of texts. Several quizzes are forthcoming; watch this space for announcements when they are available. You can also use the Advanced Search feature of AR BookFinder to search for LS quizzes. The first of these new-format titles has just been released: Susan Hill’s The Woman in Black.

The Woman in Black is a classic, brought to an even wider audience with the release in 2012 of a blockbuster film starring Daniel Radcliffe. When a young solicitor is sent to attend to the paperwork of the late Alice Drablow he finds himself in a spooky old house at the end of a causeway. He keeps seeing a mysterious woman in black – what is her terrible secret?

Posted on 27 January 2014 at 11:21 am
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