Pirates and heroes among newly-quizzed Hopscotch books

By Chris Jarosh

We quiz a large number of books in Lower Years reading series. One popular series is Hopscotch, published by Franklin Watts. Quizzes for seven of these books have been released in the last week, including stories about pirates, ancient heroes and brutish Vikings. Details of the newly-quizzed books are below, but you can search for the whole series using the Advanced Search function on AR BookFinder.

Book covers for newly quizzed Hopscotch books

Captain Kidd: Pirate Hunter by Damian Harvey is part of the Hopscotch Adventures series. When Captain Kidd goes to hunt pirates, his crew find it hard to tell pirates from pirate hunters.

Captain Kidd: Pirate Hunter | Franklin Watts | 978-0-7496-9445-6 | LY | BL 3.0 | Quiz #224354

Hopscotch Histories book Eric Bloodaxe, the Viking King is also by Damian Harvey. Eric Bloodaxe is a fierce Viking. He needs to look his best – and scariest – when he is named king. He has a special helmet made for him, but can the shepherd boy find Eric and get the helmet to him in time?

Eric Bloodaxe, the Viking King | Franklin Watts | 978-0-7496-8583-6 | LY | BL 2.6 | Quiz #219123

Heracles and the Terrible Tasks is a story from Peter Cottrill in the Hopscotch Myths series. Heracles is very big and strong. One day he becomes the king’s slave. To earn his freedom, he must complete twelve terrible tasks. But even a great hero may find these tasks impossible!

Heracles and the Terrible Tasks | Franklin Watts | 978-0-7496-8592-8 | LY | BL 3.2 | Quiz #219126

Leslie Melville’s Hopscotch Adventures book Pirate Jack and the Inca Treasure sees Captain Jack trying to find treasure. Captain Jack hates to share, however, so he comes up with a plan to find some treasure to keep to himself.

Pirate Jack and the Inca Treasure | Franklin Watts | 978-0-7496-9444-9 | LY | BL 3.6 | Quiz #224362

Pirates of the Storm is another Hopscotch Adventures title, this by Enid Richemont. When Mary and Anne meet on a ship, they must decide whether to become enemies or pirate partners.

Pirates of the Storm | Franklin Watts | 978-0-7496-9446-3 | LY | BL 2.5 | Quiz #224363

Sinbad and the Giant Spider is part of Martin Waddell’s Adventures of Sinbad the Sailor sequence. Sinbad and Ali come face to face with a giant spider after their boat sinks.

Sinbad and the Giant Spider | Franklin Watts | 978-0-7496-9447-0 | LY | BL 2.4 | Quiz #224366

Another Sinbad book from Martin Waddell, Sinbad and the Pirates, sees Sinbad and Ali kidnapped by pirates. The pirate ship sails close to the sea witches, putting Sinbad and Ali in danger.

Sinbad and the Pirates | Franklin Watts | 978-0-7496-9448-7 | LY | BL 2.2 | Quiz #224367

Posted on 7 November 2013 at 11:18 am
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