Sink your teeth into Vampires Inc.

By Chris Jarosh

hunters-moonWe’re pleased to announce that the fang-tastic new Vampires Inc. series from Rising Stars has now been quizzed. Usually these high-interest low-level books are a pain in the neck to quiz, but one of our expert quiz writers staked her reputation on the series and produced some of her best work.

The series is set in the seaside town of Brighton, which (who knew) is apparently overrun with vampires and werewolves.  But fear not!  Quirky P.I. Rose Petal, who specialises in supernatural crime, teams up with an author of supernatural thrillers, John Logan, and together the two ensure that the Brighton beaches are safe for us humans.


The whole Content Team enjoyed working on these books so much that we thought we’d share some quotes of endorsement with you.

“These books are bloody brilliant.”
– Sophie Walters, Assistant Editor

“Hope to see more of Rodney in future instalments.”
– Laura Claridge, Editor

“Rose Petal is my hero.”
– Oliver Garlick, Network and Software Support Manager

“I laughed so hard I started coffin.”
– Cecelia Powell, Managing Editor

Posted on 9 May 2013 at 11:16 am
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