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By Chris Jarosh
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Tom Palmer

Tom Palmer is the author of several series of books with football as a dominant theme. His stories combine other genres, like action-adventure and espionage – with sport to make for compelling reading.

Following the success of the National Literacy Trust’s World Cup Toolkit in 2010, Tom is again working with the NLT in 2014 to develop resources for teachers and librarians to use in schools around the World Cup. He will be writing episodes of a story each day during the World Cup, which students can follow along with online. As part of Renaissance Learning’s sponsorship of the Toolkit, we have created printable posters and resources for use in classrooms as well as making available a short Accelerated Reader-style quiz on Tom’s latest book Over the Line. Visit to take advantage of these resources.

Barrington Stoke

Tom has written several books for Barrington Stoke, who specialise in publishing dyslexia-friendly books.

Title AR Quiz Number Interest Level Book Level
Secret FC 225246 Middle Years 3.6
Scrum! 221002 Middle Years 3.2
Ghost Stadium 224877 Middle Years 3.6
Over the Line 226344 Middle Years 4.3

The Squad

A team of teenagers go undercover as spies to thwart criminal gangs who threaten world peace.

Title AR Quiz Number Interest Level Book Level
Black Op 222026 Middle Years 4.9
White Fear 223118 Middle Years 4.4

Foul Play

Danny is a big football fan – but he becomes an investigator when he begins to uncover sinister plots and evil schemes to do with his beloved football club.

Title AR Quiz Number Interest Level Book Level
Foul Play 213692 Middle Years 3.7
Dead Ball 217197 Middle Years 3.6
Off Side 218418 Middle Years 3.6
Killer Pass 218836 Middle Years 3.7
Own Goal 219860 Middle Years 4.0

Football Academy

Tom Palmer draws real-life issues facing young people – like bullying, racism and illiteracy – into gripping stories about a football academy.

Title AR Quiz Number Interest Level Book Level
Boys United 217196 Lower Years 3.4
Striking Out 217205 Lower Years 3.3
The Real Thing 217208 Lower Years 3.7
Reading the Game 217204 Lower Years 3.5
Free Kick 217199 Lower Years 3.6
Captain Fantastic 218408 Lower Years 3.4

Go Turbo

In addition to his football-related stories, Tom has written two books in the Go Turbo series under the Edge label from Franklin Watts. These are primarily non-fiction, but include short fictional stories.

Title AR Quiz Number Interest Level Book Level
Football 215733 Middle Years 4.3
Formula 1 221664 Middle Years 4.4


Title AR Quiz Number Interest Level Book Level
The Penalty 224951 Middle Years 2.4
The Secret Football Club 218423 Lower Years 3.8
Shaking Hands with Michael Rooney 220983 Lower Years 3.5

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