Two Doubleday books from popular authors now quizzed

By Chris Jarosh

Quizzes have just been released for two books by popular authors, published by Doubleday. Noble Conflict is Malorie Blackman’s first novel for teenagers since being announced as the new Children’s Laureate recently. Also quizzed is a new historical fiction account from Theresa Breslin set in Tudor times. Both books are suitable for Middle Years readers.

Book cover for Malorie Blackman's Noble ConflictNoble Conflict, by Malorie Blackman, is set in a time after a terrible war. A conflict exists between the Guardian and the Crusaders. Kasper, a newly appointed Guardian, tries to uncover exactly which side is at fault. The book contains some swearing.

Noble Conflict | Doubleday | 978-0-385-61042-1 | MY | BL 5.8 | Quiz #224851

Book cover for Spy for the Queen of ScotsSpy for the Queen of Scots, by Theresa Breslin, has a mystery plot perfect for historical fiction fans. Jenny is Mary, Queen of Scots’ closest friend and companion. When Mary returns to Scotland to claim her throne, Jenny must protect her mistress while fighting her feelings for the charismatic Duncan Alexander.

Spy for the Queen of Scots | Doubleday | 978-0-385-61705-5 | MY | BL 6.8 | Quiz #223787

Posted on 2 September 2013 at 9:31 am
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