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How can I request a book to be quizzed?

By Ruth Atkinson

We are often asked when a particular book will have a quiz made available for Accelerated Reader. Sometimes these are new publications, and the book is currently in our editing process. Other times, they are slightly older books that we haven’t yet come across. One way or the other, if we know that a book is highly sought-after in schools using AR we will make every effort to produce a quiz for that book.

What makes a book non-quizzable?

By Ruth Atkinson

While we make every effort to produce a reading practice quiz on the books that students are reading, from time to time we find that books are unsuitable for quizzing with Accelerated Reader. The reasons for this vary, but all centre on the fact that we never compromise on the rigorously developed and enforced standards on the quality of our quizzes.

What are AR book levels… and what are they not?

By Ruth Atkinson

Accelerated Reader uses the ATOS formula to determine book levels – a measure of the complexity of the text. But what are book levels? And what are they not? Our Managing Editor explains how they are determined and how they should be used in conjunction with other measures to ensure that students are reading books that are appropriate for them.

Why are there AR quizzes for books with adult content?

By Ruth Atkinson

AR quizzes are available for several books that handle adult themes and use adult language. In this FAQs article, we look at why we produce quizzes for these books.

Monthly quiz list update

By Ruth Atkinson

The monthly quiz lists are now available for August and September. We are sorry for the delay in uploading these lists and appreciate your patience while the problem was being fixed.

John Boyne Q&A, book launch and prizes to be won!

By Gareth Andrews

Ahead of the release of his new World War II novel The Boy at the Top of the Mountain, our friends at Penguin Schools allowed us to put a few questions to the internationally bestselling author John Boyne. Q: Tell us about your new book. It’s the story of a young French orphan, Pierrot, who […]

Quiz release delay

By Ruth Atkinson

Unfortunately, there will be no new quizzes released this week. This is part of ongoing work to upgrade our internal quiz system. Please accept sincere apologies from the Content team.

Quiz updates have resumed!

By Ruth Atkinson

We have updated the software our content writing team uses to publish quizzes. We suspended new releases of AR quizzes over the summer break while we transitioned to the new programme – but after a successful upgrade we have now resumed quiz releases!

Celebrating success with reading

By Ruth Atkinson

As the end of the school year has approached, we have been hearing all about the events schools have put on to celebrate students’ success. We’ve scoured our Twitter page to select some favourites!

Quiz updates postponed for maintenance

By Ruth Atkinson

The software our content writing team uses to publish quizzes is being replaced. Regrettably, this means that there will be a few weeks’ delay before new quizzes are added to our hosted sites.

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