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What Makes a Book “Non-Quizzable” for AR?

Reading Practice quizzes are at the heart of Accelerated Reader. It is important to us that they are fun to take, and that students are motivated by seeing their success when they pass a quiz. It is vital to the integrity of the product that we produce high-quality quizzes that truly test a pupil’s reading […]

You can receive a reward if you recommend our programmes to a friend

You could receive a fantastic reward if you recommend Accelerated Reader to another school. If you have spoken to a school regarding AR, we’d like to say thank you.

You can import students’ data when they join your school

At a time of change and diversity in student assessment, our programmes can provide consistent reporting across year-groups and between schools.

You can extend the time allowed to complete STAR test items

Items in the STAR test will automatically time out if students do not respond to them. It is possible to extend the length of time allowed to complete each item.

You can purchase additional licences for STAR Assessments

It is easy to add STAR licences for students not currently using Accelerated Reader.

You can request a book to be quizzed for AR

If we know that a book is highly sought-after will make every effort to produce a quiz for it. We have a simple online form that you can fill out to suggest a book for quizzing.

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