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The Classroom Code: uncovering common student reading habits

By Denisha Polin

With over 160.4K followers and 5M likes on TikTok, English Teacher, Josh Quinn (@Quinnglish) has generated quite the audience for his comic educational videos on the social platform which resurfaced as a global phenomenon during the pandemic last year. Referencing himself as the ‘CEO of email wars’, Josh often posts humorous videos that satirise common […]

Behind the Scenes: Creating Quizzes for Accelerated Reader

By Kerry McGuire

Have you ever wondered about the work that goes into adding a quiz to Accelerated Reader? Read on for a behind-the-scenes peek into the world of the Content team and follow the new book, Happy Here: 10 Stories from Black British Authors & Illustrators, from the time the book is published to when its quiz goes live, […]

‘An invaluable tool to help children improve their reading skills’: Accelerated Reader gains HeadteacherChat’s stamp of approval

By Denisha Polin

In celebration of thirty-five years since the launch of Accelerated Reader(AR), we look at how our most acclaimed reading programme has encouraged over 6,000 schools to access a diverse range of books confidently whilst simultaneously supporting reading growth and monitoring student progression. After trialling AR, Headteacherchat co-host, Jonathan Coy tells us exactly why he is […]

Children’s Books about Black British History

By Kerry McGuire

October is Black History Month in the UK, and to celebrate our team wanted to focus a booklist on titles specific to Black British history. Check out the list below for our favourite fiction and non-fiction, along with the books’ Accelerated Reader quiz information.   Lower Years Coming to England by Floella Benjamin, illustrated by […]

Books that will give you chills and thrills this Halloween

By Kerry McGuire

With Halloween fast approaching, our team are loving adding some spooky new titles from a diverse range of authors to Accelerated Reader. So for a bit of inspiration for your school library’s Halloween display, check out our choices along with the books’ Accelerated Reader quiz information below.       Lower Years How Many Sleeps […]

The Back-to-School Cheat Sheet

Whether you’re brand-new to Accelerated Reader, or you just need a little refresher for the new term, Catherine Magee is here to help! Catherine is a teacher and School Improvement Leader at St Comgalls Primary School in County Antrim, Northern Ireland, which has been using AR for around eight years. In this blog, read her top tips, and watch her explain them in the accompanying videos.

Transforming Whole Class Reading (WCR) with myON

myON is so much more than an online library Whilst the allure of the thousands of online books is undeniable, the product has a treasure trove of clever tools and simple mechanisms that enable teachers to have full control of their reading lessons and reduce their workload. The ability to carefully select and deliver high-quality, […]

Adoptive and Foster Families in Children’s Books

By Kerry McGuire

For this month’s booklist, we’ve selected a wide range of titles focusing on children in the care system and adoptive families. Our team think these titles have done a great job of handling what can be a sensitive topic.

ATOS & SATs: The Perfect Match

When it comes to children’s reading ability, Reading Ages seem to be a metric with which most people seem most comfortable. If you’re 8 years old and your assessed reading age is 8 years and 11 months, then you must be doing well – and if the results suggest 10 years and 11 months, well […]

Reading Assessments for Primary Schools

As any teacher will know, reading is important for children to succeed, not only throughout their school life but beyond that. Reading encourages children to be exposed to a wide range of words, absorb imaginative content and helps with their vocabulary. What teachers will also know is that reading is one of the most difficult skills to assess…

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