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Guest Blog: Cathy Williams, Director of Teaching and Learning, Schoolsworks MAT

By Ruth Atkinson, Digital Media Executive

In this guest blog, Cathy shares her experiences as Director of Teaching and Learning at Schoolsworks and offers some advice to other MATs who might be facing similar challenges when addressing school assessment.

NEWS RELEASE: World-leading education technology firm Renaissance Learning launches in China

By Renaissance UK,

Our launch in China comes after three years spent understanding what would work best for Chinese customers and how to adapt products to best suit the Chinese education system. Read about our success in China so far, and what we plan on doing going forward.

Renaissance goes back to school!

By Ruth Atkinson, Digital Media Executive

With kids across the country starting or returning to school this week, here at Renaissance we thought we’d take a look back at some of the books we loved as children – and dig up our old school photos!

Bookbuzz 2019 quizzes are here!

By Lee Burkwood,

Summer holidays are over. While that’s always sad, there’s plenty to look forward to in the new school year. First up: new Bookbuzz books!

“On my retirement from Glebe School…”

By Ruth Atkinson, Digital Media Executive

Kim Bisson, an ex-school librarian and teaching assistant, was about to retire and had something to say to us before she left…

Who’s afraid of the big, bad, digital library?

Have you ever explored the idea of utilising a digital library? In this blog post, we’re exploring some of the benefits of a digital library and how these can help to overcome barriers that libraries are facing today.

Practical Tips for Perfect Assessment

At Renaissance, we attend and host a large number of events for Senior Leaders, Practitioners and Librarians that run throughout the academic year. Last month, however, we hosted our first seminar that looked specifically at ‘perfect assessment’!

A love letter to libraries – and librarians

By Ruth Atkinson, Digital Media Executive

Here at Renaissance, we love libraries, and we love librarians. Read about the benefits of school libraries, and why we should be working hard to save them!

Review by John Dabell – Star Assessments

Star Assessments are computer-adaptive assessments for reading and maths, and are used by almost 6,000 schools across the UK and Ireland. John Dabell, a teacher for over 25 years and previous Ofsted inspector, reviews Star Assessments on behalf of Teach Secondary. Read the full review below: At a glance: Accessible, computer-adaptive assessments for reading and […]

Celebrating Women in Sport

By Ruth Atkinson, Digital Media Executive

With the Women’s World Cup well underway in Paris, take a look at these books that cover a diverse range of fantastic sportswomen to inspire your young readers!

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