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Implementation Timeline

This outlines our most popular training model, formed of three remote sessions and one day of on-site training.

New School Year

Prepare your Renaissance Place site for the new school year using these tutorials and templates.

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Read T.W.O. using Accelerated Reader with pre-Star Reading students

To ensure that pupils are developing their comprehension skills at the same time as their word attack skills schools can use Accelerated Reader with very young pupils, or with older ones who cannot take a Star Reading Assessment.

Teachers use their professional judgement to set a ZPD level for individual pupils. Pupils should average 85% to 95% on quizzes and this indicates that the ZPD, the ‘not too hard, not too easy’ level of difficulty is appropriate.

Books can be read to pupils and the Accelerated Reader quizzes can also be read to them. Already over 700 quizzes have voice over options to support this approach.

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Professional development

At Renaissance we believe that good quality professional development of the Senior Leadership Team, teachers and librarians is an integral part of improving pupil outcomes. It enables staff to maximise the investment your school has made in our programmes.

Initial training is essential for new customers, but annual review sessions are highly recommended. To speak to a member of our team about purchasing additional training, please call us on 020 7184 4040.


We host online webinar training sessions for our products in addition to our normal implementation programme.

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