What are Star Assessments?

Computer-adaptive Star Assessments for reading and maths are used by over 6,500 schools across the UK and Ireland. Star Assessments provide you with reliable data showing progress made by each student and if they are on track to meet expected standards in the learning pathway, and can help instantly identify learning gaps such as those arising from COVID-19 closures and disruption.
Star Assessments complement Accelerated ReaderAccelerated Maths and myON by Renaissance, and provide a personalised learning plan for each student, helping to inform next teaching steps

Benefits of using Star Assessments

3 Benefits of star testing

Predict your SATs results with accuracy

Following the changes made to SATs in 2016, it has become hard to know what to expect when it comes to national testing. At Renaissance, we have carried out an extensive research study that compares pupils’ Star scores with their SATs results, ensuring 89% accuracy in Maths, 79% in reading, and 82% in SPaG.
The research was carried out with results from over 12,000 children in over 500 schools.

Reading 79%
Maths 89%
SPaG 82%

Table from research study comparing SATs outcomes with Star results.

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Bridge assessment and instruction like never before

Star Assessments provide the most valid, reliable, actionable data in the least amount of testing time – typically 20 minutes or less. Aligned to the national curriculum, they reveal whether or not your children are meeting age-related expectations.

Computer-adaptive tests for reading, maths and early literacy

They can be used for progress monitoring and intervention, reporting results immediately to help inform planning and teaching.

Used by over 1 million children in Primary and Secondary schools across the UK, Star Assessments have been found by over 50 independent research studies to be valid and reliable.

Find out how Star can help you prepare for the new Welsh National Assessments

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A computer-adaptive test of 34 items, testing 43 skill areas in four domains.
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A computer-adaptive test of 24 items, testing 50 skill areas in ten domains.
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A computer-adaptive test of 27 items, testing 41 skill areas in ten domains.
Cover for the Developing national curriculum based learning progressions in reading report

Age-related expectations

Star’s skill-based questions determine mastery within skill domains to ensure age-related expectations are being met. These skills are charted on the Core Progress learning progressions that have been built for the national curriculum in collaboration with the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER).

Find out more about the work undertaken in collaboration with NFER to build learning progressions for the new national curriculum:

Actionable data to bridge assessment and learning

Teaching is about understanding the needs of each child and then addressing those needs in the right order, so that they can make progress. Star Assessments use test results to report suggested skills from the Core Progress learning progressions.

The instructional planning screens on the interactive Dashboard use this information to identify not only what your children know but also what they are ready to learn next.

Screenshot of the suggested skills screen from the Reading Dashboard
Image of a quote saying: “With Star you get an incredible amount of information on students and the key skills they can and cannot perform.

Compare the strength of children’s growth

Knowing a child’s level of achievement tells you whether they are performing below, above or as expected. Star goes further by reporting a Student Growth Percentile (SGP): a measure of the relative strength of progress a child is making.

For example, a child may be performing at a low level but experiencing a high rate of growth. Conversely, a high-performing child could be stagnating. SGPs help teachers to evaluate the effectiveness of teaching programmes and intervention strategies.

Reading Dashboard shown on a PC screen
Cover for Life without Levels

Life without Levels

By Dr Damian W Betebenner

Read from Dr Betebenner, who developed Student Growth Percentiles, how this measure works within the Star Assessments to provide a uniquely useful insight for teachers.


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