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Help build a solid foundation of English vocabulary

English in a Flash helps learners of English as an additional language to increase their comprehension skills and build phonic and phonemic awareness. It gives teachers the tools they need to personalise instruction and practice.

Differentiate instruction. English in a Flash determines students’ vocabulary knowledge so that each student spends the time learning the vocabulary they need.

Optimise exposure to comprehensible input. English in a Flash helps students learn faster and retain more information by providing input that contains language just beyond the student’s current ability.

Increase content-specific vocabulary. English in a Flash concentrates on increasing students’ vocabulary, including Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills (BICS) and Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency (CALP).

Utilise practice activities, including printable flash cards. English in a Flash incorporates listening, speaking, reading and writing activities to reinforce the use of vocabulary and grammatical structures after they are introduced.

Select appropriate books. Use AR BookFinder to locate books at students’ appropriate vocabulary levels so students can enjoy and understand authentic literature as they first build vocabulary.